Sunday, February 28, 2010

a new hat, a sippy cup and a fat cat

i went to a thrift store today and found the cutest hannah anderson hat and mitten set for devin! i paid a whopping $1.01 for this very well made and like new set! i have been looking for a very warm, full coverage hat all winter for him and had no luck. i searched high and low, the children's place, baby gap, babies r us, target. for some reason there were always a million girls accessories but apparently baby boys are supposed to have heads of steel that need no protection from the cold during winter. of course i find these in almost march, but oh well, we'll get some use out of them :) oh, and i always feel weird about putting up a million pictures, but i decided im going to anyway, even if only i can see that some of them are actually different! i love looking at other peopes babies and i hope you all do too, because yeah, im not holding back!

i figured out the other day that devin really loves cups. i was on the phone about a bill the other day desperatley trying to appease devin and still go through the annoying auomated message system. he was in his sroller and i was just strolling him around the house (a new favorite activity of his). he was starting to get angry and loud and i just handed him an empty plastic cup. he loved it. he was quiet for the rest of the call. since then he has learned to grab with both hands at the same time and its so persistent and cute! he gets this determined look at reaches out like a professional  grabber of all things. soooo we decide to introduce him to a sippy cup.  he LOVES that too! its like hes been waiting all this time just for a sippy cup. he knows exactly what to do with it and actually gets juice! its so cute! we put way diluted apple juice in it.

our cat fraggle is really fat and i think he was trying to let us know that he needs an intervention. i swear we feed him a normal amount of healthy cat food twice a day and he still tips the baby scale at a bigger than devin weight of 20 lbs.


  1. LMAO at the cat! Woo hoo on the diluted apple juice in a cup. (I like to use a little apple juice when I make my baby food now too to add a little flavor and a little calorie!)

  2. Cooper has the same onesie :) What thrift store did you go to?

  3. Oh my!!! I love, love, love the hat and mittens!!! And I love bargains, so it's win, win!! WooHoo on the sippy cup. Keep knocking down those milestones! Oh, if Devin is anything like my little guy, then you'll probably want to cut out the apple juice soon and stick to water only. See, Radar loves sippy cups a lot, even if he's not thirsty, so he'll just take one mouthful after another and then just dribble the whole mouthful onto his shirt. He's totally soaked after every drink and he does it on purpose!!! So I stopped with juices because it just made everything and him too sticky. I have no idea if other kids do this or if my monkey is just cooky... probably the latter.

    Anyway - way to go Devin!!!

  4. omg he is sooo cute--that hat is the best thrift find ever!! and i can't get over his chubby little cheeks and tummy--there is just something about little boys :)

  5. AH! That hat is ADORABLE!!
    And I must say, Skyler got that same penguin toy at her shower the other day and I can't wait until she can play with it. I am in -absolute love- with penguins, and I hope she likes them too ;).

    Devin should definitely have his own weekly fashion show blog - he's so cute!