Saturday, February 20, 2010

best stroller in the world!

i usually wear devin in a wrap for trips to the dr. (which is all we do as you know), but i do use the stroller everday for a nice long afternoon walk. i HATE my current stroller (chicco cortina discovery). its big but barely big enough for devin to sit in comfortably and it wont go over the most itsy bitsy bump in the road or little lip of a curb! its so annoying! i bought it on craigslist for $40 and the folding mechanism was broken, so i kind of white lied to the company about how my newly purchased stroller was broken and they sent me a brand new one! it was awesome and we actually ended up selling the broken one again on craigslist for $30! (i made sure to eduacate the buyer on the deal waiting around the corner for him after a couple emails!) im so glad it was so cheap for us because i cant wait to get rid of it now.

i did a bunch of research and decided on the mia moda atmosferra stroller. its $209.00 at babies r us and many other online stores. i ordered it from babies r us and about a week later received an email saying the item was currently unavailable and my order had been cancelled. this was AFTER they had confirmed my order and taken my credit card information! they didnt charge me, but uggghhh, how annoying! so then i ordered it from, it was $209.00 after tax. i orderd it thursday, there was free shipping and it got here today (saturday)!

this stroller is quite possibly the best thing EVER! so im kind of obsessed with it right now and feel the need to create an extensive review for anyone who cares! the first really cool thing about it is that it has a removeable seat that can be faced so the child is looking out at the world or in at you! devin loves his stroller ride but if i go over "his limit" there is a price to pay because he gets super fussy and i know being able to change his view would cure that problem. i have had to carry him and push the stroller for quite a ways a few times-that SUCKS!

it doesnt have jogging stroller wheels which i kind of wanted, but its a very smooth ride and goes over grass, curbs and bumps really easily (im so excited about that!) the handle is adjustable and slides up and down to very low and very high.  the foot rest is adjustable and looks really comfortable and the seat reclines from completley upright to completley flat. the basket is huge and theres a parent cup holder and a little pouch thing when the seat is facing forward.

and I LOVE THE FABRIC! i think its so pretty and still gender neutral. the other very nice feature (especially for preemies or newborns) is the ability to turn it into a completly enclosed bassinet like environment. there's a little pouch of fabric under the foot rest that you just bring over the tray to cover the bottom, then just put the visor down all the way and face the baby in toward you. that makes a very safe, quiet spot for your little one while you're in public! besides being able to face him towards me, this is my other favorite thing about this stroller.

well, thats all i can say i love about it so far and i cant wait to use it to actually do things in the srping!

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