Sunday, February 21, 2010

nice day

the last couple days here have been so beautiful! the sun has been out and its been around 70 degrees so we took devin to the park today and he got to see those weird things that look kind of like me, fabian and grandma... other people! (from a distance of course). he also paid close attention to the geese. i hope the weather stays this way for the rest of the winter because it almost felt like spring and i just want spring to be here NOW!

we got devin baby sunglasses and even though i pretty much knew i was watsing my money i still had to have them. it turns out he doesnt mind wearing them at all.


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  2. I deleted my previous post b/c it ocurred to me that maybe I gave too much info on the net about where we live!

    But, what I said was that we were there yesterday, too! We had brunch in the square and then walked over to the was so nice outside and it was the first time that we've take Cooper there :)

  3. really?!!!! thats crazy! maybe i saw you guys... did you have a chicco cortina discovery stroller? i saw a couple with a baby in one of those and thought- hey thats our old stroller!

  4. Yes! What's even crazier is that I was thinking about your new stroller while we were there...and, pondered about getting one like yours :)

    Maybe, we can meet up one day and have lunch and stroll around :)

  5. yeah! we should. that would be a great place to hang out. we could keep the boys in the strollers,and eat at moes or something! my email is if you want to send me a message :)