Friday, February 26, 2010

review: carter's dribblehappy bibs

overview and what i love about the product:
these are the best bibs in my opinion! i love them and think they are the shiznit :) we have lots of bibs and have always been bib users. i know some people dont really use them for they're babies and exclusivley breastfed newborns typically dont get much use out of bibs unless they spit up. but let me warn anyone with a younger baby right now, you will NEED these bibs when your baby starts the inevitable sir drools alot teething stage. i cannot tell you how many outfits devin would go through in a day before we had more than one of these bibs! i would change him and before i knew it, he was soaked in drool down to his armpits.

these bibs are waterproof, but have soft, absorbent fabric on both sides instead of fabric on the front and white plastic on the back. we have some other bibs like that and they are crap! they're so loud and crinkly, and the front isnt absorbent at all, so you cant wipe away milk after a feeding and the drool just kinda wicks off of it. dribblehappy bibs are just soft and lovely. you can't even tell they're waterproof because there's just a thin, quiet piece of plastic on the inside. what i also like about them is they close at the side of the neck instead of behind. this allows for easy removal and theres no hard lump of velcro at the base of baby's neck during feeding time.

these bibs would be pretty big on a newborn/small baby but are great for "middle aged" babies! :) probably best for 6 months+.

price/where to find cheap:
carter's dribble happy bibs sell for about $10 for 3. they're $10.99 for 3 at babies r us and the carter store/outlet. i would NOT pay this much for bibs! they're worth it but i just wouldnt. i've found them at t.j. maxx, marshall's and ross for $5.99 (3 pack), which is much more reasonable.

rating (0-5 stars):
5 stars!

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