Monday, February 22, 2010

review: sophie the giraffe

so i decided that im going to start posting some reiews of my favorite and not so favorite baby things. i hope they can be helpful for someone, im not sure who actually reads my blog, but hopefully i can help someone out in their baby buying adventures!

i LOVE getting devin new stuff and now that hes getting older he actually appreciates certain things instead of just ignoring them. i completley acknowledge the fact that he would be just as happy a baby without most of the "things" i see and think "devin needs that! NOW! life will not go on until that plastic item is in my babys chubby little fingers!" but, reality doesnt really apply when devin is involved! im also a huge sucker for any recommended item. if someone's baby has it and loves it, or it makes that moms life just a little easier, well i must have it. many times its hard to live like this especially when you dont have much money-we DO NOT have much money. it really helps to search high and low for used items, frequent the local thrift store or log onto craigslist daily. also, ALWAYS google or search the internet for promotional/coupon codes before you buy ANYTHING online. theres usually at least a 10% code somewhere.

the first thing im going to review is sophie the giaffe.

overview and things i love about the product:
sophie is great! shes made out of natural rubber and colored with food grade paint, so very safe for baby. this toy is just perfect for babies to hold onto before they have mastered the whole grasp and bring to mouth thing. devin was about 2.5 months adjusted when we gave him sophie and he had really just started to hold onto things if we placed them into his hand. i think sophie really helped him with his grasping because he was able to bring her to his mouth very quickly and not drop her every two seconds. shes just the right shape for it to be very easy to get some part of her into a mouth longing to chew on something. she squeaks and is much like a glorified dog toy, but safe for baby! devin smiles everytime he sees her, she has not gotten old yet and hes had her for about 3 months. there is just something about this toy that babies love! sophie is the best teether we have come across so far and when devin is chewing on her it makes the funniest squeaky sneaker noise, its very cute!

there is a rubber smell to sophie that does not go away after washing. i thought devin would'nt like it, but he doesnt mind it at all. the smell has faded but its still there a bit. not a BAD smell, just a smell :) also the food grade paint does wear off a bit over time. some of the coloring on her head is fading because of constant chewing, but still very worth it overall!

                          price/where to find it cheap:
the average price for sophie is around $20, which is a little high for a small rubber toy, but i guarentee your baby will love it and its totally worth it. right now sophie the giraffe is $15 on amazon.

                          rating (0-5 stars)
ok, so i'll do ratings by stars i guess! sophie the giraffe gets 5 stars!


  1. I got this as a hand-me-down and I am so excited. I also meant to tell you I am mega jealous of your stroller. I saw a mom with it once and LOVED it but assumed it was expensive and never looked into it! I could kick myself!

  2. OK I'm gpoing to have to get a Sophie right NAOW!!!! Or should I get two? I want to encourage sharing, but.....hmmmm...decisions, decisions.

  3. You know we have a major love affair with sophie in our house. She even has a leash so she can be attached to the stroller or carrier and doesn't go crashing. I agree.. 5 stars!!!