Tuesday, February 23, 2010

review: method, squeaky green baby hair and body wash

overview and what i love about the product:
i recently purchased this hair and body wash because i read about a law suit brought upon johnson and johnson because a very dangerous chemical was found to be in some of their baby shampoos(not surprising-i know stuff like this happens often). it really got me thinking about what products we use that can be switched out for more natural ones. we were using the lavender bedtime bath, but when i read about that, i went out looking for something natural. i was looking at the california baby products, but they were VERY expensive. i think about $11 for a small container of shampoo. the method line of products were much more reasonable so i gave the hair and body wash a quick sniff test.... I WANT TO EAT IT! the scent is rice milk and mallow, it smells soooo good! the bottle states that its 99% natural, tear free, pediatrician tested and hypoallergenic. there is also a bubble bath, baby lotion (next on my list!), and diaper cream in this scent.

what i really found that i like about this wash is not only the smell, but its very light and easy to rinse away. the water doesnt get sudsey or bubbly which i liked for some reason. i guess i felt like devin wasnt just marinating away in soap! it also has a pump nozzle which makes bathing a wee wiggly one so much easier. the cap is actually a cup to rinse baby with and it might seem like a small thing, and you night just think "i'll use my own cup, thats no big deal!" but it IS a big deal! the cup is so cool! it has a hole near the rim and water comes out of there at just the right speed and angle and it holds a good amount of water.

no cons in my opinion (or devin's)!

price/where to find it cheap:
method squeaky green baby hair and body wash runs around $5.50 for 8 fl. oz. at babies r us and target. not bad at all in my opinion!

rating (0-5 stars):
5 stars!

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