Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentines day!

it been a while since ive updated! i guess its mostly because ive been having so much trouble with uploading pictures onto the computer! so annoying!!!
devin's doing great on his first valentines day, hes the best valentine ever!

we had an appointment last tuesday for his synagis vaccine and he weighed 17 lbs. 6 oz. and is 26 inches long!!!! he gained almost 2 lbs. this last month which is pretty impressive. because he gained so much he needed a greater volume of the synagis shot and had to have two injections instead of one :( he did well with that but has been pretty fussy this week as a result. he may be teething too. hes had a few rough days where he didnt want to eat as much as usual and has been quite a handful, but each day he gets a little happier and hes pretty much back to himself now. i was actually very concerned for about 2 days after he recieved his vaccine and decided that would be his last dose even though hes eligible for one more next month. i dont want to take any chances with things like that. for those who dont know about synagis, its a vaccine given to preemies or other at risk babies/toddlers through rsv season (respiratory syncytial  virus). devin was supposed to have 5 from october through febuary, and his last was his fourth and final one. its very beneficial and in my understanding doesnt prevent babies from getting the virus, but greatly reduces the severity if they do come down with it. we remain in "preemie quarantine" until april 1st and statistics from the CDC show last years rsv season ended in febuary here in georgia, so i feel confident he will be safe without the last dose.

anyway!.... on to the fun stuff! devin had his first big kid swing ride the other day and even though i thought he would love it, he actually didnt enjoy it at all! theres a small park close to our house with a few swings and a play thing, that is usually totally empty (perfect for us!) so i brought him one afternoon and put him in the swing and he didnt smile once! he didnt seem to HATE it but he didnt LIKE it either. i did get some cute pictures of him in there though.

oh! he also found his feet the other day and they are definetly his new favorite toy! it was cute because thats actually one of his "firsts" that fabian got to witness by himself. im usually the one that sees him discover something new and it was really nice to have fabian be able to experience that for once! he even got pictures of his first foot discovery. he looks very serious about it.
we are so proud of him its ridiculous! he sits BY HIMSELF all the time now and loves to stand on his own while we hold his hands. hes getting so big and strong. his favorite thing is to be read to and he wants book after book after book! he trys to turn the pages himself. his other favorite passtime is his jumperoo. i think he feels very independent in there. he still wants to be held, but loves to stand in there too. sometimes its the only thing that will calm him down if hes fussy.
i know im going a little overboard with the pictures, but its been so long! trust me i have way to many to make this an easy choosing process!
we had some luck with solid food the other night! we offered him applesauce and he actually ate some of it. this was the first feeding trial that he smiled through too. he was sooooo cute! he was feeling the spoon go into his mouth and we let him "feed himself" for a little while! he looks like such a big boy in these pictures.
i promise i'll start to update more often! hes doing so much now , i really want to document it all as it happens, but it can be hard to get around to it.  heres one more picture!


  1. Adorable! I understand about staying in - going out is not worth the risk. We were approved for 5 months - but we are not doing Feb either. Co-pay for that shot is unreal. He keeps getting cuter and cuter! He is a doll!

  2. Oh, my gosh. You have absolutely the cutest little boy I've ever seen (aside from Liam, of course. Ha, ha.) I can't believe how much he is doing!! He must be a freaking genius. :-D

  3. I loved reading back from your first entry to your most recent and seeing Devin grow up before my very eyes! I'm so excited to bring Skyler home (in time, I tell myself, soon soon..) and take pics of her ALL THE TIME. I may have to have two blogs - one for photos & one for words. I'm so happy to see such a success story, Hurrah for Devin!

  4. Ok, here I am finally!! My husband and I were looking at the pics and we love the ones of Devin reading!!!! He's soo cute!