Thursday, February 25, 2010

review: safety 1st bath seat

overview and what i love about the product:
i lucked out on this bath seat and found it at a yard sale a few months ago for $2! devin was nowhere near ready for it so i stuck it downstairs and we just ued it for the first time the other night. it works well and is a very good idea, but its not perfect. what i love about it is a baby who can sit well or has just mastered sitting with assistance will have a good time being independent in the bath and they are seated in a secure seat , therfore they're not going anywhere!. they can also reach for and play with floating toys. the seat part swivels so you can turn baby anyway you want and there is a parent arm rest thing that hooks to the side of the tub (connected to seat). like i said in my post about devin's first bath in the big tub, devin wasnt too sure about things while he was in here for the first time and seemed a bit worried, we'll se how he does tonight :) we do have a totally different bath seat on its way in the mail so im curious to see how the two compare. i'll definitely post a review on the new one too!
there are a few cons about this product. its very bulky. it doesnt fold or anything so you'll have to have somewhere to store it. we have a very tiny bathroom and im really not sure where to put it, so honestly, its still just sitting in there in the way. also, it does not allow easy access to some parts that are very important to clean in the bathing process if you know what i mean :) its pretty much impossible to clean those areas without lifting the baby out (which is what we did and it was pretty inconvenient).

price/where to find it cheap:
i would encourage some thrift or consignment shopping/ yard sale hunting to find this bath seat. it seems to be pretty popular and you may be able to get a great deal like i did. other wise the safety 1st tubside bathseat sells for about $30 from just a few online retailers. the cheapest price after shipping i could find is the above link (about $40 total). i also came across this warning about these seats, saying they are not compatable with certain tubs, so check it out before you buy. 

rating (0-5 stars):
i give this bath seat 3.5 stars because of the few negatives i mentioned above.

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  1. Hmmm. Ok, glad I didn't exchange my other bath seat for this one last night. Did you order the one from the link you sent me? I never got a paypal receipt and I'm a bit concerned.

    Thank you for reviewing!