Friday, February 26, 2010

what makes devin smile?

when we yell boo!
when something drops on the ground and makes a loud noise
stroller rides
baby einstein dvds
his jumperoo
books, especially baby beluga
his toy octopus
plastic cups
waking up from a nap
when we blow rasberries on his belly
when i make a buzzing noise and then say boop! really loud
any stuffed animal we show him
pictures of other babies (cant wait till he sees the real thing!)

i just wanted to make a list so i'll be able to remember the silly things that make him happy. i'll probably add to this list as time goes by :)

we feed devin solids a couple times a week and hes only had one slightly successful feeding (applesauce a few weeks back). i dont really feel a need to "teach" him to eat, hes still only 5 months adjusted and new research suggests starting solids at 6 months. we started trying with devin at 4 months and really only offer it if he seems to not be satisfied after a bottle feeding. we did this last night with some really delicious mango i made for him with the baby cook (i plan to review this soon!). HE LOVES MANGO!!!!!!!!!!! he actually made a dent in the bowl i had filled for him and you would not believe the look on his face while he was eating! my memory card had just run out of space so no pics. sorry :( but he looked like he was on something! something goooood! he was laughing, smiling and almost shaking, he could barely contain his excitment. he did this little shake/wiggle/exhale/laugh/cutest, happiest thing in the world after a few bites and was seriously hyper so i stopped feeding him because i felt like he was overdosing on sugar! i actually got worried and please dont make fun of me, but i googled 1)can babies eat mango? and 2) can a baby be overly happy? i felt like he was going to have a happy attack or something! the answers were 1)yes and 2)no.
                                                               after mango effects


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. Cute overload. The last one is my favorite!

  2. OH yeah babies can eat mango (we haven't done it yet actually!) He looks like he loved it! Maybe he's just not a bland food eater!!! He wants flavah!