Friday, January 29, 2010

on a roll!

devin rolled over!!!!!!! hes been attempting to roll from his belly to his back for the last 2 weeks or so with no success. he was working so hard at it but just couldnt get past that annoying arm of his. he would grunt and groan and get stuck and then he would scream and cry (he hates tummy time in general). but yesterday morning he got it and just rolled right over. it was so funny because all of the energy he was using on his old method that never worked for him went right out the window and he just calmly and quietly rolled onto his back! i screamed and laughed and probably scared the crap out of him, but he did it again a second time just a minute later, and is rolling like a champ now. no more tummy time for him, he totally knows how to get out of that annoying activity now!

thank you so much aunt kathy for the baby food maker! we LOVE it! we used it for the first time tonight and its really cool. i made sweet potatos for devin and hes still not so sure about the eating with a spoon thing but we're going to keep trying now and then until he enjoys it.
the beaba babycook is what its called and it works great. it steams food and processes it and gets it to the perfect consistency. it was so nice not to have to cook the food first. it only took about 15 minutes from start to finish including clean up.

today was the first time devin took interest in fraggle our cat. he laughs like crazy at the dogs for the last 2 weeks or so and has watched them for a couple months now but somehow has failed to notice the very large grey thing that is always lurking close by. we were on the floor and fraggle came near and devin looked at him and cracked up! he thought he was so funny and he actually reached out and touched him, well more like flailed his arm and smaked him and then grabbed a clump of fur and held on tight! fraggle didnt care at all and just stayed there purring of course. i got a picture of the aftermath, its really funny if you look to see what devin has in his hand!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

7 months!

devin turned 7 months old today and i just cant believe it! hes 4 months adjusted tomorrow. it feels weird, because it doesnt really feel like hes 7 months and it makes me a little sad that hes that "old" already. i mean, i know hes still the same baby that he would have been if he were born in september like he was supposed to be, but i cant help but want him to just be a 4 month old. its hard to explain but thats how it is! either way, fabian and i are so proud of him and love him more than anything! happy 7 months devin!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

first snow

i forgot to document devins first snow!!! it was a pretty pathetic first snow, but at least we got something! it snowed just once a couple weeks back and it started at night so we bundled him in his ridiculousley unessesary snowsuit and rushed out to get a picture because all the evidence would surely be gone by morning. it was so sad, i was just running around the yard with devin saying "ok, can you see the snow behind us?" we decided the best backdrop was the leaves of a tree that you can see a tiny dusting of snow on! coming from upstate newyork, this was just so funny to us!
this is before we went out, devin did NOT understand why we were making him look like ralphie's brother from a christmas story.

                 here's another bundled up picture from a different day. hes a little calmer in this one.

on another note, i made devin a little stuffed owl out of an old sweater of mine the other day and i think it came out ok. he really seems to like it and chews on the wings. i had to put some stitching around them because the first time i gave it to him he put the wings right in his mouth and little sweater particles were all in his mouth! i was like"okay, this is why its best to BUY baby toys!" but it seemed to do the trick.

the baby food eating has come to a stand still for now. we decided to wait a few more weeks because he really didnt seem to like it very much the next time we offered him some more squash. we tried a little cereal too, but that didnt go to well either. oh well, it was fun though!

devin is just getting so big and hes so much fun now! he wants to play all the time, which can be very tiring, but i love to see him absorbing new things all the time.

no, he didnt use his silly baby pockets by himself. this was a set up! why do they put pockets on baby outfits? and why do they put rubber material on the footed pjs for sizes under 6 months? its weird. oh, devin is getting so big! he wears 6-9 month footed pjs and 12 month onesies and pants! i cant believe it!!!

fraggle thinks everything of devins belongs to him and him alone. notice how hes touching the toys! what a weirdo.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a walk in the park

its been really warm here in georgia for the last few days. it was at least 60 today which was sooooo nice. we went for a long walk around the whole neighborhood. a few days ago my mom and i brought devin to a local park and took him for a stroller ride. it was really nice to have him in public (with only a few other people) but hey, it was public all the same, but safe public!

i took him out of his stroller and he was so alert looking at all the things that hes never seen before.
there was a fountain that had been frozen and was on its way to being thawed. it looked really cool!
i didnt get a good picture of it, but devin's hat has a picture of winnie the pooh dressed like a pimp and it says "bitch betta have my honey!"

Monday, January 18, 2010

a year ago today...

i found out i was pregnant! i cant believe a year has gone by. we had absolutley no idea what we were in for! i took a pregnancy test at 6:00 in the morning. i just knew i was pregnant. i had a feeling and felt that way for a couple weeks already. i was so excited i had to wake fabian up (on a sunday). we were so happy and he insisted we tell all of his family. i called my mom first and he called his dad and all of his brothers and sisters. im sure evryone thought we were crazy for telling them so soon, but we were so excited and couldnt help it.

just a week later would be the first of many heart sinking times we would go to the emergency room because of unexplained bleeding. pretty much from that time on i would be in constant fear of loosing my baby. but through all the worries and all the drs. telling me things were not going well, i  still remembered the feeling i had when i saw that extra line on the pregnancy test, it was a calm, happy feeling and i knew i would meet my baby and he or she would be just fine. so many times i closed my eyes and thought about that moment of clarity. i was right!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


devin had his 6 month dr. visit on wednesday and it went great! he weighs 15lbs. 9 oz. and is 24 inches long! the dr. said hes in the 20th percentile for weight for his actual age (almost 7 months) which is awesome, but i have to check into it, because it might be wrong, hopefully im just in disbelief and its right! he said hes developing beautifully and he has no concerns for him at all! he even told us to go ahead and try introducing solid food. he recommended against trying rice cereal or oatmeal because they are just emtpy calorie foods and told us to try a fruit or veggie.

i decided butternut squash would be cool to make so we tried it today. i really want to provide devin with homemade baby food when he starts to eat it instead of jarred. there is sooo much of a taste difference ! not only is it healthier, but i also read that its best to introduce babies to fresh foods because this is what they will eat most as toddlers and small children so they should start with it so the tastes dont change and they continue to enjoy them and not be as picky. plus its just fun to make!

i had planned on waiting until devin was 6 months adjusted (2 more months) before feeding him food for the first time, but fabian was really excited to, and i just couldnt wait anymore either, so we offered devin some tonight. if anyone understands how plans can change once you HAVE the baby youve been planning for, its me! devin did pretty good with it i guess. i dont know how babies should act when they eat their first real food, so maybe he didnt do so good, i dont know. he pushed most of what we fed him out of his mouth, but swallowed some and opened his mouth for the spoon alot! he made some strange noises and stranger faces and a big mess with what i let him play with on his tray. he didnt cry or refuse it but he didnt smile either. he wasnt sure of what to make of his first meal and we were'nt sure of what to make of his reaction. we're going to try again tomorrow and see if he "gets it" more and if not we may wait a week or two to try again. it was really funny!

hes doing really well with sitting on his own still and really loves to be in the sitting postion pretty much all the time. he concentrates very hard while hes doing it by himself!

we give him alot of tummy time even though he never makes the most of it. hes either totally relaxed or so angry while hes on his tummy, he can lift his head high and prop up on his elbows, he just chooses not to do it enough to actually get a picture.
this is what he looks like when hes not mad. it seems like hes saying "what are you waiting for? i dont know what you expect from me, but your NOT getting it!"

                                        here are a few more cute ones!