Monday, January 11, 2010


what a cool date for devin's newest cousin to be born on!!! fabian's sister lorelei and her husband james welcomed their new son jacob colin this morning at 6:09am. hes super cute and from what i can tell from the gritty cell phone picture, he looks alot like his dad!
lorelei is now mom to the oldest and the youngest of devin's cousins. noah is 13 and the first cousin to ever meet devin while he was visiting us last summer and devin was still in the nicu.
congratulations lorelei, james and noah! we love you and cant wait to let the little guys meet in july!


  1. Cooper was born on 11/1 at 11:01 AM...when I woke up from my c-section and they told me that I was like "someone go get me some lottery tickets..."

  2. thats so cool jen! devin came home from the NICU on 9/9/09. i love memorable dates like that.

  3. jacob is doing well up here in new york we miss u all