Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a walk in the park

its been really warm here in georgia for the last few days. it was at least 60 today which was sooooo nice. we went for a long walk around the whole neighborhood. a few days ago my mom and i brought devin to a local park and took him for a stroller ride. it was really nice to have him in public (with only a few other people) but hey, it was public all the same, but safe public!

i took him out of his stroller and he was so alert looking at all the things that hes never seen before.
there was a fountain that had been frozen and was on its way to being thawed. it looked really cool!
i didnt get a good picture of it, but devin's hat has a picture of winnie the pooh dressed like a pimp and it says "bitch betta have my honey!"


  1. We took walks today too- I put Liam in his wrap and it was so nice!

    And basically.. that hat makes my life.

  2. Oh my gosh, where did you get the hat??? I need one!

  3. the website tshirt hell has some really morally wrong (which can be very good sometimes:) tshirts and stuff and this was on an adult shirt, so i copied and pasted the image to one of those screen printing sites that will print whatever you want on basically anything and put it on a baby hat! i also ordered a onesie that says "i love my daddy even though hes an asshole!" it was fabians first fathers day present while i was still pregnant!