Monday, January 18, 2010

a year ago today...

i found out i was pregnant! i cant believe a year has gone by. we had absolutley no idea what we were in for! i took a pregnancy test at 6:00 in the morning. i just knew i was pregnant. i had a feeling and felt that way for a couple weeks already. i was so excited i had to wake fabian up (on a sunday). we were so happy and he insisted we tell all of his family. i called my mom first and he called his dad and all of his brothers and sisters. im sure evryone thought we were crazy for telling them so soon, but we were so excited and couldnt help it.

just a week later would be the first of many heart sinking times we would go to the emergency room because of unexplained bleeding. pretty much from that time on i would be in constant fear of loosing my baby. but through all the worries and all the drs. telling me things were not going well, i  still remembered the feeling i had when i saw that extra line on the pregnancy test, it was a calm, happy feeling and i knew i would meet my baby and he or she would be just fine. so many times i closed my eyes and thought about that moment of clarity. i was right!


  1. He's such a darn cutie. And congrats on the anniversary!!

  2. Wow! Isn't it amazing how much can happen in one year?!

  3. He is so cute!

    I still have my positive HPT sitting on the sink in the bathroom :)

  4. thats so funny jen! im a really superstitious person. so i felt like i had to keep all three test out where i put them the fist day i took them (on the landing on top of the stairs) for like the first 3 months i was pregnant! my husband loved that! i know im crazy :)