Thursday, January 21, 2010

first snow

i forgot to document devins first snow!!! it was a pretty pathetic first snow, but at least we got something! it snowed just once a couple weeks back and it started at night so we bundled him in his ridiculousley unessesary snowsuit and rushed out to get a picture because all the evidence would surely be gone by morning. it was so sad, i was just running around the yard with devin saying "ok, can you see the snow behind us?" we decided the best backdrop was the leaves of a tree that you can see a tiny dusting of snow on! coming from upstate newyork, this was just so funny to us!
this is before we went out, devin did NOT understand why we were making him look like ralphie's brother from a christmas story.

                 here's another bundled up picture from a different day. hes a little calmer in this one.

on another note, i made devin a little stuffed owl out of an old sweater of mine the other day and i think it came out ok. he really seems to like it and chews on the wings. i had to put some stitching around them because the first time i gave it to him he put the wings right in his mouth and little sweater particles were all in his mouth! i was like"okay, this is why its best to BUY baby toys!" but it seemed to do the trick.

the baby food eating has come to a stand still for now. we decided to wait a few more weeks because he really didnt seem to like it very much the next time we offered him some more squash. we tried a little cereal too, but that didnt go to well either. oh well, it was fun though!

devin is just getting so big and hes so much fun now! he wants to play all the time, which can be very tiring, but i love to see him absorbing new things all the time.

no, he didnt use his silly baby pockets by himself. this was a set up! why do they put pockets on baby outfits? and why do they put rubber material on the footed pjs for sizes under 6 months? its weird. oh, devin is getting so big! he wears 6-9 month footed pjs and 12 month onesies and pants! i cant believe it!!!

fraggle thinks everything of devins belongs to him and him alone. notice how hes touching the toys! what a weirdo.


  1. The baby bunting is adorable!!! Thats the best picture. And I agree with the pockets on baby clothes. My biggie is cartoon characters on diapers. Seriously? No newborn cares if elmo is on their diaper!

  2. Hi, I found your blog from babycenter. We are fellow preemie moms from Northside Atlanta - I have kept up with your blog and have recently started one. I thought I would share since we had so much in common! By the way, Devin is seriously adorable.