Saturday, January 2, 2010

new year, new baby tricks!

devin can pretty much sit up on his own! i've been letting him sit in his bumbo alot more often and i think its really been helping him learn to sit because he's actually able to sit up without assistance for a good amount of time. i put the boppy in front of him at first kind of around his waist and that lends a good amount of support. the last few times we've sat like that ive been inching the boppy further away from his body and he can still sit! i leave it there because when he gets wobbly he tends to slowly fall forward so its really just there for safety. hes officialy out of newbornhood and never wants to just lay his head against our chests anymore, hes always kicking, holding his head up on his own and trying to stand and now sit!  i dont know when babies typically master sitting, but of course we are so proud and feel like devin is the most advanced genius baby in the world!

we had a nice new years eve and day and i hope everyone else did too. the most eventful thing that took place here is that devin had his first tear while he was crying!!! hes not a big cryer, he just gets fussy and grunty when hes upset, so its rare that we have to suffer through a crying fit, but we were driving around on new years eve day and when we stopped at a light (which devin hates) he cried and had a single sad little tear run down his right cheek! i felt so bad. i always feel bad when he cries but its soooo much worse now! here he is in his onesie i decorated for new years.

devin also loves to play a new game of knocking all his toys off his bumbo tray over and over again. he can do this for about a half an hour and be perfectly content. we just keep on loading him back up with every small toy he has and thats it!

hes quite the drooley one these days and sophie the giraffe has been become a very good friend.
it took a little begging to get permission from fabian to use this next picture, but here it is... identical hairlines, or lack there of!

fabian's boss and his wife, jack and julia have been anxiousley awaiting the birth of their new daughter who they are adopting this week. she was born on new years day and they are in arizona right now waiting to be able to bring her home. i cant wait to meet her. they had never met the birth parents in person but when they got to the hospital while the birth mother was in labor they were able to get to know each other a little and julia got to watch her new daughter come into the world! how amazing! they are still deciding on a name. we picked up a few things for her last week (which was really fun for me! girls clothes are so much more fun!) and had to let devin try on the hat we found. these pictures of him are so adorable, i might have to start dressing him in girls clothes more often!

it might only be for seconds at a time, but devin holds his bottle by himself now too! what a big boy!
i cant wait to see what this next year brings. things are so much more fun when you have a cute little baby around!


  1. He is so stinkin' cute! I love his profile. And I agree- he is really smart!!

  2. Oh, man! I am so glad you did it! I am proud of you too! I did my first session on Sunday but I haven't had the motivation to get back out there... and now that you told me that I do!

    My mom is here to help with Liam for a couple of days so I think I will go out this afternoon! Woo!

    And, yeah.. I sort of agree with you about our NICU- it was really frustrating to hear how different other people's experiences were. There were a few nurses that made it bearable, but I am grateful Liam was only there for 2 months. I have heard of so many other people having to stay for so much longer and I am not sure I could have handled that. Even better- if Liam ever has to go back to the hospital for any reason- Parkridge does not readmit... so we will have to go to a children's hospital in the area and won't ever have to deal with them again.