Saturday, January 16, 2010


devin had his 6 month dr. visit on wednesday and it went great! he weighs 15lbs. 9 oz. and is 24 inches long! the dr. said hes in the 20th percentile for weight for his actual age (almost 7 months) which is awesome, but i have to check into it, because it might be wrong, hopefully im just in disbelief and its right! he said hes developing beautifully and he has no concerns for him at all! he even told us to go ahead and try introducing solid food. he recommended against trying rice cereal or oatmeal because they are just emtpy calorie foods and told us to try a fruit or veggie.

i decided butternut squash would be cool to make so we tried it today. i really want to provide devin with homemade baby food when he starts to eat it instead of jarred. there is sooo much of a taste difference ! not only is it healthier, but i also read that its best to introduce babies to fresh foods because this is what they will eat most as toddlers and small children so they should start with it so the tastes dont change and they continue to enjoy them and not be as picky. plus its just fun to make!

i had planned on waiting until devin was 6 months adjusted (2 more months) before feeding him food for the first time, but fabian was really excited to, and i just couldnt wait anymore either, so we offered devin some tonight. if anyone understands how plans can change once you HAVE the baby youve been planning for, its me! devin did pretty good with it i guess. i dont know how babies should act when they eat their first real food, so maybe he didnt do so good, i dont know. he pushed most of what we fed him out of his mouth, but swallowed some and opened his mouth for the spoon alot! he made some strange noises and stranger faces and a big mess with what i let him play with on his tray. he didnt cry or refuse it but he didnt smile either. he wasnt sure of what to make of his first meal and we were'nt sure of what to make of his reaction. we're going to try again tomorrow and see if he "gets it" more and if not we may wait a week or two to try again. it was really funny!

hes doing really well with sitting on his own still and really loves to be in the sitting postion pretty much all the time. he concentrates very hard while hes doing it by himself!

we give him alot of tummy time even though he never makes the most of it. hes either totally relaxed or so angry while hes on his tummy, he can lift his head high and prop up on his elbows, he just chooses not to do it enough to actually get a picture.
this is what he looks like when hes not mad. it seems like hes saying "what are you waiting for? i dont know what you expect from me, but your NOT getting it!"

                                        here are a few more cute ones!


  1. Yeah for food! I'm so glad you liked it. It does take a little bit for them to get used to the food because basically their tounge is going a different direction. Don't give up! Woo Hoo!!
    (You might consider getting a plastic bib. After we ruined so many we got those and you can wipe them clean).

    I can't get over his sitting up! Its so good! And he is soo big! Whata darn cutie!!

  2. What a smart kid! He's pretty much awesome.

  3. Look at him!!! He's doing great Gretchen. You are doing such a good job! I want to try homemaking their baby food too. Looks like he enjoyed his squash. Too cute!!