Thursday, March 4, 2010

not much going on...

while devin's napping i'll just add a few cute new pictures of devin with his two favorite things, a cup and his stroller! i swear, that stroller is the best thing ever! he loves being in it, its just a shame we have yet another big baby thing in our not so big at all living space. oh well, whatever makes the worlds cutest munchkin happy :)

today ive been attempting to clean the house because my very special aunt kathy is coming to visit on friday! yay! but devin has not allowed me any "free time". he wouldnt let me leave the room even while he was supposedly having fun and jamming out to fiona apple in his jumperoo. and now that hes napping, i just cant seem to bring myself to clean, so i've taken on the daunting task of organizing all the pictures we've ever taken of devin into month by month folders. i dont know why we didnt do that in the first place! its a huge pain in the ass, but i'll feel much better once it done :) so, im sorry if the house is a mess when you get here aunt kathy, just know that devin's pictures are in neat little folders now and at least thats something, right?

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