Friday, March 12, 2010

so much to talk about!

first of all my aunt kathy came to visit and it was soooo much fun! it was really great to spend some time with her and my mom together and get to see her and devin together. im going to make a seperate post about that this weekend sometime once i get those pictures on the computer.

i have way too many cute new pictures of devin and there will be a ridiculous amount of them in this post :) hes doing some new stuff and its pretty cool. hes getting so big, hes now wearing 12-18 month clothing and it just amazes me! every time i dress him i keep grabbing 3-6 month stuff and expecting it to fit, but it doesnt even come close to squeezing on! i look at the 12-18 month gap footed onesies and think "yeah right, maybe next year", but they fit him perfect right now!

i found an AMAZING deal on the exact convertible carseat that i planned on getting him in the next few months and had to jump on it! we paid a total of $96.44 for the graco my ride 65 which is pretty much an unheard of price for a good quality carseat. we ordered it from bed bath and beyond and i was able to use one of those 20% off coupons that are always coming in the mail. i just had to go to the store to have the clerk apply it. the price was actually $99.99 but after 20% it was brought down to $96.44 after tax and shipping. i was so proud of myself for saving so much there! and devin is so cute in his big boy seat! we have'nt installed it yet, we just have it in the living room for now acting as a baby couch, he loves it! i stitched some cute little animls cut out from two of his preemie onesies onto the strap pads.

in this one hes just chillin watching some sponge bob, i want a seat like that!

here are some that i just love

so devin obviously doesnt have much hair at all. you can see it better in real life than in pictures, sometimes it actually lookes like we wax his head! he looks so bald in some pictures... but i have proof that he has SOME hair-
look! you can see about 7 of his hairs standing up! we gave him a bath one night and that little clump is always standing up now, i love it!

he also just realized that feet are not only for grabbing, they're also for tasting! which is pretty gross because devin's feet smell pretty bad. even very shortly after a bath (i pay close attention to the little piggies during bathtime too) they still smell! i even wipe them down with baby wipes a few times a day! i guess it doesnt bother him beause he discovered he can eat his toes the other day and they are a new favorite treat.

hes been getting stronger and stronger about standing lately but hes really started to feel confident with it in the last week or so. he loves to stand on our laps and can even hold himself up on stuff now.

look at that little butt!
i cant believe how many things happen in just a week.


  1. Ok seriously, he is soooo dang cute! I love all the hats and you totally have my baby deal respect for the carseat! right on! 12-18 months- holy crap!!!! I love this little guy and i'm so happy he's doing so well!

  2. Hey I wanted to let you know that lilypie now has counters for preemies - shows their actual & corrected age. Just thought I'd tell ya since I know you have both on your page :)