Friday, March 5, 2010

a day in the life...

i want to say first that i absolutley love the fact that im a stay at home mom! i wouldnt want it any other way. i know that im providing my baby with the best care possible and it feels so good to know that im the person who comforts, feeds and loves him! being in "preemie quarantine" isnt much fun though:( my mom told me once that i will look back on this time and remember it fondly. im bonding with my son and getting to spend every waking moment of every day with him and while that is very lovely and i know so many women dont get this oppurtunity, it wouldnt hurt to be able to make a quick trip to target once in a while without having to wait an average of three days to plan how it will be possible!

what does one DO all day without being able to go anywhere? i'll give you a sample of mine and devin's everyday life. no matter how repetitive and sometimes lonely it can feel, i wouldnt trade our time together for anything in the world! its usually pretty fun actually :)

7:00 am- my cell phone alarm goes off and its time to try to wake the beast... fabian is much like a 7th grader and im pretty sure he thinks im his mom calling up the stairs that its time to get up and get ready for school. he "can NOT" hear the alarm and its really hard to make him "hear" me. sometimes devin wakes up in this process and sometimes he stays asleep (somehow). fabian eventually gets up and gets ready for work and i will then bring devin out to the living room and give him breakfast, then fabian says goodbye and leaves us for the day:( if devin is awake, after he eats i put him right back to bed and he falls back to dreamland for a few more hours. if devin stays sleeping, SO DO I!

10:00am- devin wakes up for the day with a huge goofy smile and i hit "the devin snooze". i just turn towards him and he happily plays and looks around while i grab an extra 5-10 minutes of relaxation. then its up and out to eat breakfast. i give devin a bottle and put him in his bouncy seat and hand him a toy while i eat my breakfast and go online for a few minutes to check my beloved preemie parenting site:)

11:00am-1:00pm- hardcore playtime! we play on the floor, in the jumperoo, in the stroller, we read books, we walk around the house and look at stuff (fun), i sing ALOT! we torture the cat (devin plucks the cat actually). basically, i make the rounds of fun by doing everything i can think of to stimulate babycakes and keep him happy and entertained. then he eats again and gets sleepy, which recently has actually been more along the lines of he gets fussy, then when i have done everything i can think of to soothe him, i put him in his bed and...

1:00pm-3:00pm -NAPTIME! this is when i can sometimes get some stuff done. i pick up some clutter, wash some bottles, get back online, talk to my beloved friend jeff who doesnt have much of a life right now either :), maybe change into something other than p.js (maybe is the key word here). then i hear devin cooing and its time to go get him, which is actually one of my favorite things to do because hes always so happy and playful when he wakes up from his naps and its so nice to see his huuuugggeee smile when i walk in the room.bottle time again and then we read some books and play a bit more.

4:00pm-5:30pm- walk time!!! if the weather allows it, we go for a really long walk around the neighborhood. devin loves being in his stroller and seeing the sights of the outside world! im usually back on the phone with jeff at this point talking about random the way, jeff is one of my bffs, hes gay and really doesnt "get" the whole baby thing at this point in his life. we usually talk about things like ex- crazy co-workers and the bad girls club- oh and how we need to lose weight. if the weather doesnt allow us to walk we are stuck inside and its the beginning of what i refer to as "the bad time". most days, devin will nap again in the stroller, or sleep for a while at home during the "bad time".

5:30pm-7:00pm- "the bad time" is the time of the day when i cant think of anything else to do with devin and we are both basically waiting and watching the driveway for daddy! its hard.theres only so much a mama can do to keep a 5month/8month old wee one happy! another feeding is thrown into the mix here too. actually, "the bad time" is right now! devin is halfway happy and halfway angry and im trying to keep sane by making this blog entry in between funny faces, songs and tickles! its 6:44pm and "the good time" is drawing near!

7:00pm-8pm- daddy's home! yay!!!! we eat dinner, i very rarely cook, we usually get take out or eat some premade stuff we have here. i cook 2 times a week, 3 times if its a good week. cooking is difficult for us because im a vegetarian and fabian is a fastfoodatarian. he doesnt like most things that i want to make even the things i think of with him in mind so we compromise on takeout that supplies both of our choices. hopefully things dont stay like this for long, we definitely got in an eating out rut while devin was in the nicu and we have'nt gotten out of that rut yet! after we eat, fabian plys and snuggles with devin and we give him a bath. we hang out as a family and watch one of our "storwies" (that was supposed to sound like an old woman with a bad new york accent).

9pm-10:30pm- devin eats again at 9pm (daddy's turn to feed!) and then some more playtime, some snuggles and he usually starts getting sleepy at 10, in bed by no later than 11pm.

12:00am- i go get baby and give him a dreamfeed. he barely wakes up, eats great, is soooo snuggly and delicious and goes right back into bed after that. then its bedtime for me and the fabian! we stay up late naturally so its no big deal to feed devin right before i go to bed. he never wakes up for a feeding at night and sleeps right through to the morning.

well, thats what our days look like for now. the times are'nt exact, but pretty accurate. i cant wait to bring devin to the library and gymboree and all the good stuff in the spring. i feel pretty incapable of providing an entertaining learning environment for so many hours during the day! i think i do an ok job of it but it will be so nice when we can go to the aquarium or something like that and he can start getting some real life experiences under his baby belt (or diaper!).


  1. Cooper has the same napnanny :) Do you keep it in his crib?

  2. i know! :) i saw his napnanny when you first posted about it! hes so cute in it! we keep it in the pack and play next to my side of the bed. we used to keep it in a cosleeper type crib my husband made but we use that as a living room changing table now, anyway... we will put it in his crib when he moves there... someday!
    i forgot to say where i thrift shop in the last post, i go to all different goodwills around here, smyrna, sandy springs, marietta. you have to look hard sometimes and some of them are kinda scary haha!, but i always find awesome kid/baby stuff for crazy prices. especially board books!

  3. Skyler has the pink seahorse just like that! When I was about 22wks or something, I got a gift card for BRU & I wanted to buy it for her immediately. I finally did, the night the NICU dr. said Skyler should be home within the week. It helps her fall back asleep @ night, she loves it!