Saturday, March 13, 2010

we miss you aunt kathy!

so like i said yesterday, my aunt kathy (my mom's sister) came to visit for a few days and it was so much fun. she was devin's first visitor since he came home from the nicu on 9/9/09 and it was so nice and "normal " feeling to have someone besides me, fabian or my mom in the house playing with him and giving him love and attention. we figured it would be "safe" since she does'nt spend any time around young children and had'nt been sick recently. she also totally understands why we are so cautious and follows our handwashing rules :) we went for a walk along the chattahoochee river, went shopping, got take out and ate at home with devin and she and my mom babysat while me and fabian went out for a while. here are a few pictures from the visit that came out great. i cant wait until we see her again (for devin's birthday in june)!

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  1. So exciting! Devin seems to have handled the new face well. :)