Saturday, March 27, 2010

devin and his baby leg warmers!

 much to fabian's disapproval, i made devin several pairs of baby leg warmers last weekend and they look so cute on him! i had been wanting to get some for him but just didnt feel like buying them online and paying about $10 for a pair. i found pairs of women's socks at target that were just the right length and cut the feet off and stictched the ends and they work great! and no, they're not just an embarassing 80s blast from the past, they actually serve a purpose! im able to put them on devin while hes just in a onesie instead of having him in pants. this makes for much easier access at diaper change time! he also has very stinky feet and wearing socks all the time really does'nt help that so these are great because they cover some of his feet keeping them warm but allow his toes to get some air, kind of like those weird fingerless gloves. i'll also put them on him this summer while he's hopefully learning to crawl, but i'll be honest, functionality is the least of my concerns, they are just too cute!

fraggle hitched a ride with his bff and stayed there for an unbelieveable amount of time letting devin "pluck him" and squeal with delight right in his ear! there is something truley wrong with this feline and it does'nt ALL have to do with his excessive amount of body fat.

i found this fisher price satge/mirror toy at a thrift shop the other day and he LOVES it! he gets so happy when he sees himself and makes the lights and music go on. he'll play and then look over at me with a huge smile and go right back to playing. so cute! oh, i scored this for $2.50!

ooooh ipod...

we let him play with the mesh feeder again (our second try) and he loved it. he sucked it dry! i had offered it to him with a mango chunk the first time and he was'nt interested. this time i mashed it a little and he ate two big chunks out of there. he could'nt get enough!

and he can never get enough of daddy :)


  1. Oh I LOVE those leg warmers. I saw some online too but was afraidvthey were too girly. But after seeing your pics they aren't at all! I hadn't even thought about making them. What a great idea! :-).

  2. Right on on the food! I think thats my favorite photo! He's going to town!

  3. EEEEK! I love the leg warmers! I have been thinking about you a lot as your big day gets closer! I can't wait to see the post about Devin's first big outing! I can't believe April is almost here!

  4. Those leg warmers are awesome.

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