Tuesday, March 23, 2010

happy 9 months devin!

i cannot believe devin turned 9 months old today! 3 more months and he'll be 1? what the hell? he's such a big boy! i still have to say i feel pretty sad that that 1 year milestone is creeping closer and closer and im still feeling like im getting jipped somehow, or that he is? i dont know, like i've said before its hard to explain but i know that every preemie mom feels the same way, i just wonder when i'll get over it. i feel like hes going to be turning 21 and i'll be yelling at him that its not ok for him to go out to the bar yet, he needs to wait another 3 months! i took these next pictures at exactly 10:51 am this morning which is the time he was born 9 months ago! so now hes a 9month/6month old! its his half year adjusted birthday tomorrow! :)of course he was acting adorable and posing perfectly for the camera.

we walked to the park this afternoon and gave the bucket swing a second try and it was much more fun than last time. he actually smiled a few times and did'nt arch his back and try to pop himself out once. oh!!!!! and this was a huge step for me (which is pretty sad) but i let him stay in the swing when a little girl got into the one next to him! a month ago i would have turned right around and not even attempted to enter the park if there were any other kids there (its really small and there are'nt usually any other kids). he was just staring at this little girl with his mouth open in awe! i wasnt having a panic attack like i thought i would have either, but as soon as about 3-4 other kids came over, i whisked him away :( making the transition to exposing him to people is going to be tough but i hope i get used to it quick because i seriousley cannot wait to have a "normal" life.

we have his 9 month pediatrician appointment tomorrow but i have to reschedule that and he hasnt been weighed for over a month. i wouldnt be shocked if hes hit the 20 lb. mark, he might have even passed it and hes probably about 27 inches. i'll add the facts when we get them. hes definitely getting big and hes doing so many things its crazy! he's really starting to look more like a little boy to me and not so much like a baby :) he's such a sweet heart!

look at this chunky monkey!

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  1. Happy 9 months! His personality really comes through in your pictures. So stinkin' cute!