Thursday, June 10, 2010

its been soooo long!

          it's been so long since the last time i posted! here's my excuse... DEVIN'S CRAWLING!
and not sleeping through the night anymore. that part sucks big time but its so fun to watch him crawl all over the place! hes also pulling up to a stand on everything possible and looks like he'll start cruising furniture soon. he crawled and pulled up for the first time on the same night (5/29/10) and has been mobile ever since. we had to baby proof our ridiculously dangerous straight from the 70's house so now he has free roam over the entire upstairs.

i have no time at all to get on the computer for more than 5 minutes anymore so my blog has been neglected.  fabain has been working until 8 every night for the last week so that makes things extra hard and like i said, devin has decided the sleeping through the night thing is for babies and hes not one of them! he had slept from 10-11pm until 9-10am every night since he had been home for about 2 weeks. i think his top tooth thats about halfway there now is the culprit. its very hard to think about the fact that teething is just beginning!

not much has happened recently other than what ive already said. we did visit fabian's boss jack and his wife and daughter the other day. elisa is 5 months old and very cute. devin was very pleased to make her aquaintance!

they had fun palying. while elisa was in her walker, devin was on the ground crawling around her and he grabbed on and wouldnt let her go anywhere! it was funny...

oh! he also got his first bruise from bumping his head on the floor while crawling. it was very traumatic... for me and me alone. the bruise just faded today and it happened again, so now he has a slightly larger bruise in pretty much the same spot. im guessing it never ends from here?

ive been taking any free minute i get to create a huge scrapbook of devins firts year and plan on giving it to him on his birthday which is approaching very fast (6/23). it conatins about 10-25 of the best shots in each month he has been here. im very excited about completing it and plan on taking a picture of each page to blog about when it's finally done!

this time im not lying when i say i promise i'll be posting more often and i'll explain why in the next day or so ;) here are a few cute pictures, i have much more to say, but its late now....


  1. ok, now i'm way intrigued. Way to go Devin! Crawling rocks!

  2. I remember that stage well with Anthony. I miss it so much! But I also remember it being one of the stages with the most injuries. Anthony got a couple black eyes and a few bloody lips from falling. And keep in mind I watched the kid like a hawk! Just wait till he learns he can climb up on the furniture!! =-) All wonderful milestones though!


  3. Boy he is growing! Crawling is great but, boy as a mom it is absolutely exhausting.