Sunday, June 20, 2010

1st birthday countdown - devin's 9th month...

devin's 9th month was fun! st. patrick's day came and of course i took tons of adorable pictures that will of course be a source of embarrassment for devin later in life!

we had a nice visit from aunt kathy and since spring was creeping closer and closer we went for a walk along the chattahoochee which was fun...

i could'nt wait until april which was the next month because we were finally going to bring devin out in public and reclaim our lives! i was nervous and excited. this month was a long one waiting for that time. devin started to become more interested in food this month and was able to master the "pincer grasp". he was able to feed himself more and more so we went with it! he started eating puffs and yogurt melts that month. we also introduced the sippy cup for the first time. he seemed to like it but as we kept offering it to him it became clear that he was'nt quite ready. he would just tip it over and bang it on things ;)  i plan on starting that up again in the very near future to see how he does.

he had gotten so big and like i said about last month, he really became independent and started playing on his own more.

he didn't have any teeth yet but teething was on full force! everything went right into his mouth and his shirt was always drenched in drool!

he was still sleeping through the night and had fallen into a nice routine of regular naps at this point. hes such a pleasure and just the sweetest little guy!

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