Monday, June 21, 2010

1st birthday countdown - - devin's 9th month...

devin's 9th month tonight is a repeat because apparently i cant count! i messed up his months somewhere along the way so this is what happened during his real 9th month! i will have to modify the last days of this, i'll do his 10th and 11th month summaries tomorrow and a birthday post on his birthday... which is 2 days away! i cant stand it!

devin was officially a free man at the beginning of his 9th month!april 1st was the big day we ventured out into the great big world! we brought him to toys r us and out to eat. that started his new adventures "living on the outside"! it had been a long road and we were so glad/proud/nervous to be at the end of it! devin was pretty shocked when he got his first introduction to flouresent lighting and bright , plastic toys all over the place but trust me, he got over that quick and now loves to go shopping! he didn't NOT like his first trip, he was just in awe.

next, came easter and his first real introduction to his cousins! we spent the day at aunt michele's and devin did great! it was like he had always been around a large group of loud family members. i made him a cute easter basket and got him lots of goodies of course ;)

he got his first tooth followed by his second tooth the next day, poor guy :( he wasn't very happy for a while about all that.

he got sick for the first time at the end of this month. it was really difficult and scary but he got through it in a week or so and all was back to normal. he got lots of therapeutic baths and cuddle time.

he finally rolled over from his back to his belly and realized he could do some fun stuff like get into a sitting position by himself. his new favorite pass time became choosing toys on his own out of the toy basket.

at the very end of his 9th month we had a 10 month photo shoot which resulted in some of my absolute favorite photos of him ever. he is such a handsome little model!

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