Thursday, June 17, 2010

1st birthday countdown - devin's 6th month...

before i sart this post, i have to say ... DEVIN WAVED TODAY! we went to gymboree and i dont think i even saw any of the babies waving so maybe that didnt have anything to do with it, but when we got home he was crawling around and i saw him stop and open and close his hand a few times. while he did this he saw the shadow of his hand moving and he got a kick out of that so he did it a little more ;) then i started saying hi and bye bye and waving myself and he was kind of doing it but was a little distracted. when my mom was leaving later on she said bye and he brought his hand up and open and closed his adorable little fist in her direction while looking at her! it was SO obvioulsey a wave! then when fabian came in he said 'hi baby!' and he did it again! i cant believe it! hes so adorable!

anyway... devin's 6th month started with thanksgiving, another holiday i love. we stayed home because we were keeping devin away from people/public and it was actually very nice and relaxing. we made dinner and ate a ton of good food while devin napped in his pack and play. then we took a million adorable pictures of him wearing a ridiculous turkey headband. so cute!

a few days after thanksgiving, i started decorating for christmas and stocking up on some presents for devin. i've never really decorated the house before except for christmas lights. this last year, i went all out and plan on doing so every year for devin to enjoy. we set up the tree and devin loved to sit in front of it and stare at all the ornaments. i just realized how difficult christmas will be this year! we're going to have to put baby gates around the tree! how attractive that will be! 

i also started taking christmas pictures of devin. we had many different "photo shoots" which resulted in many, many pictures. pretty much all of them are the cutest things i've ever seen!

we got devin a jumperoo this month. he needed a phone book to touch his toes to at first! this is another one of those things that i jumped into, well, pushed him into really. he was'nt quite ready, but loved it after a few weeks. we just retired the jumperoo recently. he really loved it while it lasted though. 

overall, devin continued on being the world's best baby this month and we loved every minute of it! i found it so nice to prepare for and experience the holidays with him and cant wait to do it over and over again.


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