Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1st birthday countdown - devin's 11th month...

i cant believe its officially the last night of devin's 11th month of life! in 10 minutes it will be his 1st birthday!!!

this last month has been so crazy! so much has happened and devin is really like a different baby!  i never thought he would be able to hit so many milestones in just one month but he has. he learned to crawl at the beginning of this month. he also started pulling himself up into a standing position.

 he learned to clap and wave and has been feeding himself pretty well. he also learned to move forward in his walker, something he didn't really understand at first ;)

here he is looking at his hand waving... so cute!

needless to say, our lives have changed drastically in the matter of weeks. having a mobile baby is challenging and so much fun. its so amazing to see him follow me all over and just as great to watch him go places on his own. he crawls all over the house! he can make it through the dining room, down the hallway and into the bathroom in 17 seconds! yes, i counted the other day! hes also all over the place when we give him some time in his walker. that thing is pretty big but he maneuvers it easily through the skinny hallway and around furniture. he chases the cat in it-he chases the cat while crawling too. hes always going after things he shouldn't be touching even though i make almost 100% sure the complete house is safe for him.

we had a nice father's day. devin made fabian a nice picture. it was his first masterpiece and fabian loved it!

things have changed so much. devin just seems so much older and so much more capable of well... everything! he does little things just to get a reaction from us and thinks its funny if we say no. we can redirect him 80 times and make it nearly impossible for him to continue doing whatever it is he shouldn't be doing (going after wires, crawling under the chairs and so much more) and he will find a way to keep it up, laughing at us the whole time! its pretty hard to get frustrated at things like this, its just so funny and im so proud that hes a little trouble maker! im sure it will get old when hes an older trouble maker so im going to have to figure out some discipline eventually. not now though! hes too cute for discipline!

nice bruise huh? that was his 2nd bruise in the same spot!

becky, does this look familiar? i remember seeing issac doing a push up just like this! i had no idea devin would be right behind him trying to keep up!

this past year has been the most rewarding, life changing year of my life! fabian and i were just saying the other day that we had no idea what it would be like to have a baby. we thought we did but it has been so much different than what we imagined! i cant describe it, sometimes i'll be putting devin in his carseat or watching him learn something new and i snap into reality and cant believe im his mom! since when did i have a baby? since when was he so adorable, smart, funny, healthy, advanced, amzing? since when did i have a boddler? (baby toddler ;) its such a wonderful feeling to know that hes mine and i get to enjoy him all the time. my heart skips a beat when i think of how far hes come and how great hes doing. im so proud of him. hes the best thing thats ever happened to me and i love him more than anything!

and finally, here are the last pictures of this perfect little boy before he wakes up in the morning (who am i kidding- at 3am) and has turned one whole year old!


  1. Oh MY Goodness! Devin you are one rockin little guy! You get cuter every day and well, your just a miracle!

    I totally remember the pushup, I think they like to check out their feet.

    I wish I could just get on a plane and come celebrate with you guys! Happy Birthday Devin, you have had an amazing year and you and your mommy and daddy deserve to celebrate!

  2. Happy Birthday Devin!!! I love your pajamas big man and Xander and me hope you have the best birthday ever!!