Saturday, June 19, 2010

1st birthday countdown - devin's 8th month...

during devin's 8th month he was becoming a very strong sitter and getting stronger everyday. he had been sitting unsupported for a while but this month he really mastered it and was no longer prone to toppling over at random times ;)

he found his toes this month and still cant get enough of them! its so great to watch your baby discover new and exciting things! fabian was the one to witness his first toe exposure! im usually the one to see the firsts but he got lucky with that one and was quick enough to take some great pictures of the moment!

cute little mis-matched toe lover!

we celebrated valentine's day in his 8th month. well, we didn't really celebrate, just did the usual... cute outfits and lots of pictures!

devin's kick ass stroller came this month too! i love his stroller and so does he! its just such a great pattern, very comfy and works perfectly for us. we were just starting to have a few warmer days so we ventured out to the park once in a while and he loved seeing the sights from his sweet ride!

i also got up the courage to bring him to the park and put him in the swing... after stalking the park to make sure there were no other kids there, sanitizing the swing like a crazy person and positioning a blanket just perfectly so he wouldn't come into any contact with the surface! im so glad those days are behind us! he didn't love his first swing ride but we've taken him a few times since and i think hes coming around.

he also had his first bath in the real tub this month. he liked it and the bath seat worked ok, but we've actually gone back to bathing him in his whale tub on the dining room floor. its much easier because our bathtub is ridiculously small and almost impossible to bathe a child in. i cant wait to move!

this is the month when it hit me that my little baby really isn't all that little anymore! he was doing so many new things and was becoming very independent. we were so proud of him (and still are of course) that he was hitting so many major milestones right on track. this is always a worry for any parent and it felt so good to see our little one doing so well!

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