Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1st birthday countdown - devin's 5th month...

devin's 5th month brought his first "fun" holiday... halloween!!! i love halloween and if you read my blog regularly, you know i love a good excuse to dress devin up in ridiculous outfits, so this one was really great for me! he was a hotdog ;)

an adorable hot dog that will probably say "moooooom! why did you do that to me?!" one day.

another great thing that happened in this time period was his first smile! im sure the first smile is wonderful for all moms and dads, but after watching him suffer through the NICU i believe it was even more rewarding to me when i saw it! he hasn't stopped smiling since!

he really started watching toys and enjoying things more. he has a rain forest mobile that he just loved, loves actually, hes still intrigued by it today. in those days though, sometimes it was the only thing he would smile at despite everything we tried to do to get a smirk. it was such a fun time realizing that this baby has a personality that was starting to shine.

we got him a bumbo seat towards the end of this month that he wasn't quite ready for yet. i convinced myself he was so strong and loved sitting in it even though his head would get very heavy after a few minutes ;) if only i knew how quickly the squishy , adorable, newborn days pass, i would have savored it a bit more. oh well, im still doing stuff like that every day!

like i mentioned last night, we finally found a solution to his restless nights. he was just so uncomfortable sleeping flat and we ended up letting him sleep in his bouncey seat overnight. i didn't sleep very well because i didn't like the thought of that so i was very relieved when the napnanny arrived and devin actually slept through the night in it! im obsessed and have recommend it to everyone i know with a baby. devin still sleeps in it every night and he's almost a year old!

this is also the time when i first started this blog! here is my first blog post ever! im so glad im a blogger now. i think its great to look back on old posts now and i imagine it will be even better as time goes by. i hope devin likes it one day too.


  1. awwwww... this is so much fun. Next kid (someday) I'm getting a nap nanny.

  2. i think that hotdog is seriously the cutest costume i've ever seen! and i love that you have the tag 'blackmail shots' ha!