Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1st birthday countdown - devin's 10th month...

devin had a fun 10th month! he had a few different playdates and started going to gymboree. his social life is much better than it used to be! he goes to gymboree once a week and i bring him to play with other babies as often as possible. he loves other kids!

he started to figure out how to get around during this month. he would pull up to his knees on everything possible and began scooting a tiny bit on his but. he would also lunge for toys from a sitting position and i could see him figuring out that he might actually be able to achieve forward motion sometime soon!

mother's day was nice, we went out to breakfast and spent the day together as a family.

i got my favorite baby carrier this month and have loved using it since then! its awesome ;)

devin continued to explore new foods and enjoyed feeding himself more than being fed.

because of his increasing mobility and desire to get into trouble he started spending more time in his pack and play. this is what he does to show us it time to come out!

overall, devin's 10th month was a whirlwind of learning and discovery. we could tell that it really would'nt be long until he was crawling and doing so much more. this is also the fateful month when he decided to stop sleeping through the night. ever since his 3rd tooth  (big front tooth) appeared he has been waking up at least twice through the night. its halfway in now and i highly doubt he will break this pattern any time soon :(  at the end of this month, i sent out his birthday invitations and started getting things together for his big birthday party!

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  1. I hope Devin has an awesome birthday tomorrow! What a true miracle and I know he's been a blessing to your life every day!

    I need to buy him a birthday cupcake :)