Sunday, May 23, 2010

happy 11 months devin!

ok, this is CRAZY! i cant believe this is the last month before my sweet little one turns a whole year old. im feeling quite numb about it all and im afraid im going to have some sort of a breakdown as the realization of next month's huge milestone sets in a little more. i've started planning an extravagent ocean themed first birthday party and its actually helping me cope. im pretty excited about all the little details that will go into it and will definitely go into that in future posts. i havent been posting much because it has been a rough week. well it started last weekend, but devin is cutting one of his two front teeth right now and nightime has been especially difficult. hes just very hard to relax and fussy pretty much always. hes still happy and adorable for the most part but its been tough. i cant wait to see that tooth when its a little bigger! what a big boy! 11/8 months old... wow.

we had a yard sale this weekend, it was kind of annoying, we did ok, but not great and still have lots of crap to donate or try to sell on craigslist. devin hung out in the pack and play. we had to cover it with a sheet because it was mosquitopalooza out there. we would turn our backs for a minute and people would be over there inspecting the goods like the whole thing was for sale!

here are some good ones from the last few days...

devin, feeding himself grilled eggplant. he LOVED this and ate quite a bit. he feeds himself very well now, its just challenging to figure out good stuff to offer him.

with grandma :) 

i love my handsome little sweetheart more than anything! hes just perfect. happy 11 months baby devin!


  1. Oh. Mah. Gawd. Those pictures are simply awesome! Especially the top one! I think Imma need a copy! Your mosquito-proof carnival set-up is hysterical!

  2. Time goes by so fast, doesn't it???

    I love the pics of him feeding himself eggplant!

    Let's get together sometime this week!

  3. Happy 11 months buddy! your party is going to rock at a year!