Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i met an online friend! (and so did devin) :)

most people who read this blog already know im a babycenter addict (because they are too), but for those who dont know, you should check it out! i frequent the preemie parenting group on the babycenter community site. these women played a huge role in me surviving the NICU experience. i've made some truly wonderful friends who i will most likely never meet face to face but today i got the privilege of doing just that! a fellow preemie mama named jen and i met in a park for a playdate today and it was so much fun. we read each others blogs, so we already kind of knew each other! she has some very fun to read stuff over at a a surprise rainbow. and some more pictures from today. shes way cool and down to earth and her son cooper is an adorable little guy! hes 6 months actual, 4 months adjusted so just a bit younger than devin. i knew from reading her blog that devin just happened to have the same outfit as cooper, so i hesitantly asked jen if she might want to dress them the same when we met... her answer was a very happy "YES!" so its not all my fault ;)

devin says "get in my belly!" to coopers bumbo

it was  lots of fun and i hope we'll have many more adventures in the future!


  1. I LOVE all these pics from today! We had so much fun! Looking forward to seeing you both again soon!

  2. Awww.. how fun! They look so cute together.