Tuesday, December 15, 2009

went to the e.r. last night :(

so last night while i was changing devin around midnight, i noticed a bunch of purple pin head sized dots on his right leg, kind of on his calf and a little on his foot. i called the pediatritian and while we were waiting on a call back i got on the internet to see what i could find. the spots were not a rash on top of his skin. they looked like tiny little bruises. i found an article that said to press a glass against the skin and see if the spots "blanch" or go away. they didnt so off to the e.r. for us. (thats what it said to do if they did not go away when pressed.)

here is his poor little leg today. the spots have faded a little. the light line above them is eyeliner! i marked it to make sure they didnt spread.
when we got to the e.r. fabian waited outside with devin so he wouldnt have to wait in the lobby with all the sick kids and i went in to sign in. the bitchy nurse that "helped" me didnt even ask what i was there for, she just said "where is your child?" i said hes outside, he was born at 26 weeks and id rather have him wait out there because its very dangerous for him to be exposed to germs. i will have my husband bring him in when you are ready to see him. she then says very loud... "so you have him waiting outside in the cold by himself!?"  i say, no, hes with my husband in his carseat with 2 blankets on and footed pajamas, not to mention its about 60 degrees outside! so she says "well its very dangerous for him to be in the cold and hes going to have to come in here if you want us to help him." she had yet to ask me why he needed to be seen. i said, can you please stop trying to hint that im abusing my son by "leaving" him outside. his pediatritian told us to do this when we go to the e.r. or his office! if you would listen to me and help me instead of trying to cause a scene i will bring him in! then a very nice male nurse stepped in and apologized for the other nurses behavior and said that i was right. so fabian brought devin in and they brought us into a room! i was so pissed!

anyway... the dr. was not too concerned about the spots and said they can happen to a baby if he was straining hard, or crying hard or had something too tight on his skin. he had done none of these things so i was still concerned. he orded bloodwork and when the first nurse put the tournacate around his arm and tried in vain to draw blood from his arm for 5 minutes, his arm started to develop more of the spots! i told her to stop because she was not anywhere near getting a blood sample and requested to talk to the dr. again. he said, because more of the spots came up with the "trauma" from the bloodraw or lack there of, that he most likely has something going on with his blood right now, its usually something to do with plateletts. i was so scared at this point and felt so bad for him!

   here is what his arm looks like fromt he bloodraw!

a different nurse ended up getting a sample and all that came back normal. his plateletts looked fine and he did not appear to have an infection. an infection is what the dr. said he wanted to rule out because that could be dangerous. we are still waiting on the culture to tell us for sure if one is present but he does not believe he has one. they ran some other tests too to make sure his blood is clotting properly and it is. so basically after 5 hours in the e.r. we dont really know why he has this. the dr. said that most of the time its just something that happens after a viral infection. the blood is repairing itself and it will clear up in the next few days. he could possibly have some sort of blood disorder that they didnt find last night, so we will be seen by a hematologist to try to figure things out. the dr. said hes really not concerned because devin is fine in every other way and not sick at all. so hopefully this is just something that will pass and we wont have to worry about it again. of course im really worried and am being super paranoid now! the hematolgist is supposed to call by tomorrow so we'll see what comes out of that.
his diagnosis is a petechiael rash. i will keep you all updated!


  1. oh my goodness! Declan has the same thing!!!! On both calves. We just noticed it yesterday and I didn't think too much of it, was going to see if it went away and it hasn't. I feel like such a bad mom for not investigating it further. We see our new ped on Friday so let me know if you hear back with the results! I may not need to wait until Friday. I'm so glad you posted this. Hope Devin is feeling better.

  2. hey jenn! thats crazy that declan has it too. we just got back from the ped. and he said that because all his bloodwork looked fine its most likely the result of a vial infection. i asked if its possible for him to have a viral infection with no symptons and he said absolutley! devin has been refusing some bottles so he thinks he might have a tummy bug or something. he said not to worry and his appetite should pick up by monday and it may take a few days-weeks for the peticheae to go away. he doesnt think he needs to see a hematologist. he will if they come back in the future though. youshould be ok to wait till friday, just make sure they check a cbc and do any other bloodwork necessary. oh and im glad you got a new ped! i hope you like him/her.

  3. Poor baby!

    Man.. I wish I had your confidence- so often Ryan and I get totally run over by nurses because we are both so soft-spoken. I need to learn to speak up!

    I think I remember noticing you were from Georiga before when you mentioned what hospital Devin was at but I didn't really put 2 and 2 together. Where in Georgia? My parents live in Cartersville so we are around there all the time.

    Oh.. and since I didn't comment on your last post- I got that giraffe as a hand-me-down present from my aunt. I didn't know it was such a great teether. Score! :)

    I hope Devin gets to feeling better. He is too cute to have rashes!

  4. im in smyrna, i think cartersville is about 45 minutes away! thats awesome! we should totally have a play date for the boys when they're free men! where do you guys live?

  5. oh my goodness we all have a Georgia connection! We used to live in Decatur and also in Peachtree City. We have family in Atlanta.

    So glad to hear that the spots are probably just a virus and should go away.

    Michelle, I was the same way to start with. Especially in the NICU. With all the technical language the nurses and docs use, it can be overwhelming. It took me a long time to stand up and be "pushy" until I got the answers and care I needed for them. Sometimes I still think I could be more assertive. Remember you are your child's advocate and you have to speak up. (It took a nurse telling me that before I really realized it. )

  6. jenn, that is so cool. would it be really weird to try to get together with the boys in the future? i feel like meeting people from the internet is weird but we all have so much in common! it would be so fun to see the boys together one day!

  7. i am the same way, but we do all have a lot in common and our boys are all around the same age. I think it would be fun.