Monday, December 7, 2009

oh, happy milestones!

i have'nt posted in a few days because our computer has a virus and we cant figure out how to get rid of it. so frustrating! so we had to get a new wire for the little laptop we have that i used while i was on hospital bedrest.(its a love/hate relationship between this laptop and i.) anyway...devin is doing great and things have been going good.

devin had his first early intervention session last friday. early intervention is a program available in every state for babies up to age three who are "at risk" for developmental delays. all preemies are eligible. a therapist comes to the house and plays with him on the floor and talks with me about how hes doing. she basically evaluates what stage hes at and tells me what i should expect him to be doing and what to expect for the near future. she said she has absolutley no concerns about him and that hes right on track for a 2.5 month old, even advanced at some things. he was such a show off for her, smiling and laughing and paying very close attention to everything she did with him! she will come once a month from now on. its a pretty cool service and sets my mind at ease to be able to ask questions and stuff.

well today, i was playing with devin on the floor and showing him one of his rattles. he holds his rattles and shakes them, but has never really payed much attention to them. we had always just put them in his hands for him. well today he focused real hard on the rattle and batted at it a couple times, then reached out and took it from me and put it in his mouth!!!! i was so excited i think i scared him! when fabian got home we tried it again and he did the same thing, but this time after a minute or so he reached with his other hand and grabbed it from the original hand and switched! what a smart baby! we were so excited. its so cute to see him putting stuff in his mouth and just doing stuff in general.

here are some more pictures. best pajamas ever! (from aunt kathy of course).


first time on my back in the wrap
and some more good old baby torture!

he loves his playmat...


  1. WOW! The passing between his hands his huge! You should celebrate every milestone. The first time Isaac rolled over on purpose I squealed. Rolled him back over and he did it 4 times more. DH gets home and asks if I remembered to take a photo. DOH!

  2. Such a smart lil man! And what a cutie!