Saturday, December 19, 2009

little reader

devin has really begun to enjoy being read to. he will sit and listen to a whole book, sometimes two and look at the pictures the whole time. its so funny, when i talk louder or in a funny voice while reading to him he gets so excited and kicks and grabs at the pages!

devin is also starting to seem bored with his millions of toys. i dont understand this because you would think such a young baby would be amazed by things over and over for a while, but he really seems to be not too interested in some things that he used to really enjoy. the only thing that used to make him smile it seemed were these owls on his mobile in his pack and play, apparently hes over them now because he barely looks at them anymore! he has soooo many toys and we actually make a mess with them now. i dont even want to think about what my house will look like a year from now. im going to have fabian make him some heavy duty toy boxes sometime soon.

his feedings are going better than they had been for the last few days and his little spots are pretty much gone now so hopefully whatever he had is clearing up. today we're picking up a jumperoo for him that we found for $30 on craigslist. its the one i wanted to get him but it cost $100 at babies r us and we cant afford that right now. so its pretty awesome that its so cheap and looks brand new. the jumperoo and sophie the giraffe are his gifts from santa. we also got him a bunch of toys from a thrift store, probably about 10 different things like light and sound type toys that are plastic and can be cleaned and 10 cute board books. that was a really inexpensive trip, i think about $30. thats the way to go for a baby who does'nt really care about presents! i hope he likes the jumperoo because lately he has been so restless while we hold him. all he wants to do is stand and jump and kick off our laps. he might still be a little young for it but im sure he'll grow into it.

here it is!


  1. do you have runaway bunny? Its my favorite mommy son book. Isaac is pretty bored with toys too. We have a ton and there's seriously 3 he plays with. He is soo big and has such a great smile.

  2. i do have runaway bunny, to be honest though, that was one of his nicu books that we had there for him and read to him all the time and now it just makes me so sad to read it. it brings back so many memories. ferdinand is another that i cant read and thats my all time favorite. hopefully i get over it one day :)