Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i love thrift stores!

thrift stores are the best! i think i've mentioned already that we got the bulk of devins christmas presents from the thrift store. well we got more and i just have to share with whoever reads this that thrift stores are the place to go for children's toys and books! when i was little, i had a million books and i want devin to have even more than i did. since i first got pregnant i always wondered how we would afford so many books because they are really expensive brand new. first, it helped that my mom obsessiveley saved all of my books and toys, so devin has all of that, but thrift stores are where we will be adding to his collection from. on our first trip we got him 10 board books. we have them wrapped under the tree so i dont have pictures but they're all really cut. we got him more this last weekend and there are some really good ones! we only spent about $15 for all the stuff in the pictures!
board books are perfect for devin right now. he can hold them and really seems to like them alot!

i made devin a christmas onesie. being stuck inside all the time has really made me feel crafty! the stuff might be a little cheesey but it gives me something to do!

here are a couple more of devin looking a little thuggish but very cute. i wish my animal shots didnt always have glowing crazy eyes.

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  1. ooo! I love thrift stores too!! We have a HUGE used bookstore here in Chattanooga called McKay too and it is pretty much amazing. You can sell your old books for cash or credit and everything is ridiculously cheap.

    I am about to join you in your house arrest. I will need some tips on how you stay sane. :-D