Thursday, December 3, 2009

thank you michelle!!!!!!

my baby center (preemie parenting) friend michelle gave me a creative blogger award!!!! you are awesome michelle, i love your writing and love hearing about liam. you are amazing! as you can tell from my very recently started blog, i did not share my struggles and stories while devin was actually in the nicu. i wish i had like you do about liam. i think it would have been somewhat healing and theraputic. i let the stress consume me and kind of suffered through that time without sharing my thoughts. anyway.. i look up to you for sharing yours with me and so many others who care. i am really happy that moms (mostly from the premie parenting site) are able to "see" into their very near futures from looking at my life with devin as it exsists today. you will all get here! it is not far off and its so fun!

anyway.. heres the cute award
and there are some rules that go along with this apparently...
The Rules:

Share 7 things that you don't already know about me.

1: im a scorpio and i totally believe in astrology.

2: fabian and i went to middle and high school together, but didnt start dating until after high school.

3: i was a veterinary technician before my pregnancy required me to go on bedrest at 13 weeks! i love animals and have 2 pitbull mixes and a very large and in charge cat.

4: my middle name is helena and i always secretly wished it was my first name so i could be called lena.

5: i have 3 tattoos. a big bouquet of flowers on my back, the letter g (you can barely tell) in a design on my ankle and devins name on my wrist. fabian also has devins name in the same spot on the same wrist. we got them done when he was 11 days old. in the picture, i still have bruises from the 3 million attempts to put an iv in the day i delivered him!


6: im a semi vegetarian. i eat fish but not any meat. i have'nt eaten meat for almost 4 years because it makes me too sad to think about how the animals live and die. the ridiculously overdone PETA video i watched before making my decision didnt help things either!

7: i live in georgia but my dream place to be/live is seattle. we lived there for 2 years and if we ever hit the lottery... seattle, here we come!

Name 7 other blogs to receive this award.

i actually cant do this. i only follow 7 blogs and michelle already nominated a couple of them for this award so here are my other faves:    crystal and coutney are beautiful girls born at 23 weeks. they are amzing and i love reading about them.   makenzie is another amazing 23 weeker who is doing great.  anthony was born at 26 weeks and is such a happy little man. his mom is pregnant again and has made it really far which gives me so much hope for the future. i actually visited anthony's blog while i was on hospital bedrest and i wished my baby could one day be just like him!  jen has two little handsome guys named declan and cade and i enjoy reading her posts alot.  brett and candace just recently adopted an adorable little baby they named sawyer. i started reading their blog when i watched a youtube video made by lucy. lucy is a mom of two who i have been watching on youtube since i was very early in my pregnancy. she was pregnant and making pregnancy/motherhood videos weekly and shes very fun! she now has a a 6 month old and donates her extra pumped breastmilk to candace and brett for baby sawyer. i followed the link to their blog  after watching a video lucy made when she went to meet candace and sawyer.

Leave a comment on each of the blogs I nominated.

Thank the person who gave you the award.    thanks again michelle!



  1. Your dog has on a batman sweatshirt... that basically makes my LIFE! :)

  2. Thanks for the award! I feel so honored ; ) You are so sweet.

  3. hey greatchen its me noah i like whta u wrote about me and devin i love thes pics of devin a TONKA