Saturday, December 19, 2009

devin's bouncer!

he does'nt do much in it yet.  we had to put somes books under his feet because they dont reach the ground! he bounced a tiny bit but thats about it. he really likes the music it plays and the dangling cow. he stayed in it for  about 15-20 minutes and seemed to really like it. he looks so cute in it!

i  stitched fabian's name onto a stocking because hes the only one that does'nt have one. i have a pretty embroidered one from when i was a baby/kid and my mom got devin a nice one for christmas that she hasnt given him yet. my grandma also bought mine for me. i might add something cute to it but im not sure what.

and i just did a very bad thing! i ran into our room while devin was sleeping and took a picure (with the flash- so wrong!) he fliched a little and i ran out like a creepy stalker!

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