Saturday, December 12, 2009

devin has another cousin!

my sister nichole and i recently "found each other agian"! she moved a few years ago and we lost touch. it turns our she has a 16 month old son named hunter! he is so cute and we cant wait to meet him and see how devin acts around another baby, well a toddler by that time since we cant visit until april :( but either way, its exciting! yay nichole!!!

                                            nichole holding hunter


devin says hi to all his other cousins too!!! he has alot of them and a few of them actually got to meet him when he was really tiny.
noah knows him best i think. devin was just learning how to eat from a bottle when noah came to stay with us for a week or so this last summer. and i swear he was my lucky charm for getting devin to eat a full feeding! i didnt want him to go home because devin would only finish his bottles when i brought noah with me. they also had some really intense fart competitions much to my pleasure in the tiny room devin was in at the time. i still dont know who won. it was pretty close!

weston, alex and amelia also met him. well really just weston did. amelia and alex were too little to go in the nicu so we introduced them to the asian girl baby and  other complete oposite full term babies that had just been born and were behind a viewing window. they totally bought it and are probably just a tiny bit confused about the whole situation!

devin will meet the rest of his cousins in july when we visit new york for a little bit. there is sydney, allie, seth and august. by that time jacob will be here too... devin's closest in age future cousin!!!

not much is new here. devin is still adorable. i made a new wrap for him and he loves it! i have a baby k-tan for him and he has absolutley loved it since he was first home. but i was reading about moby wraps and learned that all it is is a long piece of fabric. i just bought a $12, 6 yard long piece of fabric last night and learned how to wrap it and it works awsome! he slept in it today for about 2 hours! his usual nap lenghth tends to be more like 15-20 minutes! the wrap he had (the k-tan) is basically the same thing as the new one except i can make the new one looser (which we needed because he is getting a little on the chunky side! its more of a pain in the ass to wrap, but i can telll a big difference in his comfort level in the new one. he loves it! and i love that i didnt pay the $40 for the brand name one!

tonka got a new accessory out of it too!

if anyone with a baby wants it, i have another piece of fabric the same size as the one i use as a wrap. you can just watch instructional videos of how to wrap it and use the different positions on or on youtube. i'll mail it out to the first person who wants it, just leave a comment. sorry, i only have 1 so the first person interested will get it!

tummy time on the pillow made out of grandma magrane's christmas sweater

devin has also been grabbing at toys and bringing them to his mouth all the time! he has also noticed when we put little stuffed animals on his chest. he will pick them up and bring them close to his face and sleep with them while holding on! it is so cute!!!

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  1. Oooh. That wrap is so pretty! I got The Ultimate Baby Wrap for 25 but it is just boring and tan. I'm jealous!

    Devin's looking fabulous!! It's great he has so many cousins- I always had lots of cousins but poor Liam is going to be an only for a long while.