Monday, December 14, 2009


can devin possibly be teething? hes only 2 1/2 months adjusted, so it feels too soon, but maybe not. he has been quite drooly and a little fussy for a couple days. he chews on everything and has been sucking his fists like crazy! he brings his toys to his mouth all the time but has'nt mastered kepping them in there for very long.

this next one is one of his favorite toys that always makes him smile

 he usually ends up dropping whatever awkward shaped toy he has and just sucks away on his clammy little hands! his hands need to be wiped many times a day now because they are always moist and clammy from him eating them! it kinda gross. today i ordered his "glorified dog toy" (sophie the giraffe). its supposed to be for christmas but she might come to the rescue sooner than that.
shes $20, which seems like a little much, but from what ive read shes well worth it and the best teething toy ever.  we'll see if devin thinks so. i hope hes able to chew on her and love her!

we also got him his first christmas ornament a week ago or so. we actually have my first and fabians first right next to his on the tree!

aunt kathy sent him 2 cute ornaments too. my mom ordered him a stocking that she'll give him on christmas eve. i cant wait to put things in it that he wont care about and will never remember except for all the millions of pictures we'll take!

i also made him a shadow box decoration thing. i found the unpainted box and snowflake and painted it, decorated it and added my favorite christmas picture of him (so far). im sure its presence will haunt him for many christmases to come!

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  1. Your oranaments are adorable. Do you take orders!! My husband is laughing at you calling sophie a glorified dog toy! Sophie is awesome and Devin will love her!!! We are big fans of sophie!! She goes in the car with us to daycare.