Monday, April 26, 2010

tiny dancer

devin dances now! he'll shake his head kind of like hes saying no and he'll also drop his chest down and bounce a little to the beat of whatever music is playing! its soooooo adorable! he's also started raisng his arms up to me when he wants to be picked up. that is just so nice :) hes getting so big!

he's also so social! if im in a store with him, i usually have him in a wrap (baby carrier) and i'll be looking at something else and hear him giggle and its because hes flirting with whoever is around the corner. he LOVES people and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES kids and other babies! we went over our our friends nate and stefanie's house the other day to celebrate nate's birthday and devin had a great time! they have 2 boys who are 2.5 and 5.5 years old. there was also another friends daughter who is 18 months there. i sat devin on the floor and let the playing begin and he loved the attention. the kids were so gentle with him and he was just so excited, smiling and squealing with glee! that visit was such a reality check in a good way! devin is a NORMAL BABY! he ate his bottle in a room full of loud people and fell asleep and napped in someone elses pack and play! this may sound like no big deal, but to us, it was just so wonderful. hes been so sheltered and i really was worried how he would handle things like this and its honestly like hes been at it forever. he adapts so well and smiles through it all. i have to say, im pretty impressed with myself too. im not nearly as panicky and paranoid as i thought i would be at events like these. i actually love it and barely think about all the germs being shared. i did say barely... i still worry, but for the most part, i just really enjoy having him around people and children. i also did'nt push hand sanitizer on anyone! yay me!!! i have no idea why i did'nt have my camera... sorry there are no pictures of that!

in my last post i mentioned that we brought his pack and play out. this was because he needed somewhere new to play and also because hes threatening scary mobility more and more each day! we have the co-sleeper fabian made for him acting as a changing area right now and i knew it hasnt been safe to leave him in there alone for a while because its pretty shallow so the pack and play has been nice. its right next to it, so i change him and plop him in the pack and play while i make his bottle. well today he was sitting in the changer and i turned around for one second to get something and when i looked back, he had pulled himself up onto his knees!!! i couldnt beleive it! im sure if the rail was a little higher he would have gotten into a full stand! crazy baby!


  1. I seriously do not know if your child is capable of getting much cuter. It may just be all down hill from here. ;) No.. but seriously-- his expressions make me laugh every time! And I cannot believe how much he has grown just since I started reading your blog. What an amazing little guy.

    By the way-- is that an amber teething necklace? I am not sure if you have posted about it in the past and if you did I missed it. I am curious about them. Let me know how you like it!

  2. Gretch, I sooo wish we lived closer to each other so we could meet and have playdates!! Xander and Devin are sooo much alike..Brothers from another motha! LOL, but really from the things they are doing developmentally down to there hairline!! They are so similar!! Our hubbys have the same hairstyle!! Guess thats where there hairlines comes from..HA..Anyways, I'm so happy your getting better out in public and Devin is such a little stud getting up on his knees, he will be pulling up on everything in no time!!

  3. jeff! he does look like taylor hanson! he WAS the hottest one!

    jen, i KNOW! ive been reading your blog and so much is similar with them! it would be so fun to see them together! i have a post a while back with a pic. from the top of fabian and devins heads while devin's on his lap and its so funny!

  4. OMG Hanson. (Shake it off).

    He's so cute and I'm glad to see he's really enjoying all that mobility! Just gets more fun!