Friday, April 23, 2010

happy 10 months devin!

i cant believe devin turned 10 months old today! DOUBLE DIGITS???!!! only 2 more months until his first birthday :( here are his 10 months shots i took today at a park today.

 i have'nt posted in so long and he's doing so many new things. we've been very busy and devin is just getting over his first cold :( it finally happened, he got sick. the crazy thing is that after all this time we've been so careful and paranoid about him catching a cold and fabian is the one who gave it to him. he was sick all of the week before this last one and devin was holding up ok until last friday night when i heard him become a little stuffy overnight. all of a sudden he would sniffle a little and wake himself up. he was very restless and i sat awake all night hoping he wasnt actually coming down with something but when he woke up that morning his temp. was 100.5. i called the dr. and they told me not to worry about the fever, just to pay attention to his symptoms and bring him to the e.r. if he had trouble breathing or started wheezing. he was very stuffy and his fever went up to 101.5 that day at its highest but he never had any breathing issues :) he really scared me at one point while fabian was out (of course it happens while im alone). he had eaten great all day but all of a sudden he would get a little snot attack and start gagging on it :( he would gag and throw up, gag and throw up, about 4-5 times in about 15 minutes. i was panicking! i was trying to call fabian in and call the pediatrician at the same time. when fabian got back in (he was outside) and didnt really "get" the severity of what was going on... (yeah, annoying!) we put him in the car and started rushing to the e.r. about 5 minutes later devin was happy as can be and breathing clear so we turned around. i wasnt ready to take him to the e.r. and have 8 different people try to draw blood and run a bunch of tests if it wasnt 100% necessary and im glad we did'nt go because he has gotten better and better very fast since then. his fever was gone by the next day and his feedings started picking back up by the 3rd day. the tail end of day one he started not wanting to eat at all because he was stuffy and not able to breathe from his nose while on the bottle. now hes eating normal and just has a tiny bit of  congestion lingering and he coughs 3 times a day or so but thats it. it was hard but he did so well! for so long we just did'nt know how his little body would handle even the smallest cold and he certainly put my mind at ease. he was a trooper. we got him california baby cold and flu aromatherapy bubble bath and gave him a bath 1-2 times a day for the first few days because he loved it and i really think it helped him feel better. it smells great, like a light version of vicks (i love vicks and just inhale it over and over even when im not sick! :) he has his 2 bottom teeth now, they're almost completley in. he got his second one right after the first. the next day in fact! his first showed up march 30th and his second came out on april 1st. in these pictures you'll notice devin's handsome little necklace, its a baltic amber teething necklace and he wears it everyday now. the amber stones contain succinic acid  and when they sit against skin, the heat lets trace amounts into the bloodstream and it acts as a natural pain reliever. its supposed to be great for teething and growing pains. its safe for babies to wear because there is a double knot in between each bead and its designed to break if its pulled to hard instead of choking the child. it fits snug so he doesnt evne notice it. its not for him to chew on which is what i thought at first, its all about the natural pain relief. im not sure if it works, but i'll try anything safe that will help keep teething pains to a minimum. i'll try to judge if his next teeth that come are accompanied by less fussiness. i ordered myself one too, so we have matching necklaces, which some people think is weird, but i think its awesome and devin loves pulling on mine :) plus, i think it makes him look like the coolest baby on the block.

in other news... he's becoming much more independent and capable of doing things for himself. his new favorite activity is to sit and play with one toy at a time out of his toy basket. he reaches in, takes something out , plays until hes bored with it and goes in for another when he's ready. so cute!

we also had to bring the pack and play out and take the newborn thing out of it that raised up the base so he was up higher. we took it out and use it as a little playpen now for when i have to make a bottle or get some chores done. he sits in there and plays and LOVES it!

and please, please tell me why my "little baby" loves to STAND up holding onto the edge??? when did this happen? he can stand there for any length of time and is just so proud of himself!

we still try new finger foods every once in a while. he really likes baby mum mums. hes getting the pincer grip down and will eat a few puffs, yogurt melts or baby cheetos but hes still not very fond of pureed foods.

once again, i have to mention that im in no way "ok" with the fact that my sweet babe is 10 months now when he would only be 7 months but what can i do? i just have to suck it up and deal! he makes it pretty easy because he's perfect no matter what his age is!


  1. I'm sorry Devon was sick :( That was my whole theory about keeping Coop in total isolation during the RSV season because chances were daddy was going to give him something before people in public were because they never got close enough to him to pass on germs...hope the little guy is back to 100% soon!

    I love his necklace, too!

    Did you guys go to the walk today? I'm so sore already! Cooper slept the whole time in his stroller...I went and got one of those covers since I knew it was going to be rainy! It was a great time none-the-less :)

  2. I'm in love with your bebe - apparently my parental unit is, too! We collectively sighed and cooed over the entirety of your album!

    Love the frog overalls!


  3. beautiful pictures-beautiful baby! i'm interested to see what you think about the necklace--i was considering getting one for leaf too.