Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a late easter post!

this whole having a life thing really takes up alot of my time now! ha! finally i dont have hours upon hours of freetime. easter went really well. we went to michele's house for an easter brunchish kind of visit and devin got to meet his cousins! as soon as we walked in michele just pounced on holding him (who wouldnt right?!) then we went to the sun porch and the kids came in to meet and hold my poor formerly isolated little man and it went so great! there was alot of commotion and more people than devin has even met in his life and he just sat there happily soaking up the adoring awwwws and he was a good player in the game of pass the baby. everyone held him including all the kids. of course i had my foaming hand sanitizer at the ready. i was just going person to person forcing them all to be clean! it was a nice visit and devin was just giggling and happy the whole time! i didnt feel too overwhelmed either, i was a little nervous but nothing too bad :)

here we are about to leave, this is the only moment the hat stayed on :)

devin and aunt michele... finally!!!

devin and his second oldest cousin weston

devin and alex

and the moment amelia's been waiting for...

everone got to feel how chunky he is!

he got a little tummy time on the couch, he was and still is teething hardcore! i plan on posting more easter pictures tomorrow and possibly the next day. there are sooo many and for some reason they take forever to upload with my new camera. it was such a fun time and i look forward to many more holiday celebrations with family.


  1. TEASE! I probably checked atleast 10 times today to see what his easter basket was after you left the teaser on my blog. All kidding aside (am I really kidding??) these are great photos and he totally loves his cousins! I'm so glad you guys had a good easter!

  2. haha! i felt bad posting only these pics just for that reason! i plan on putting easter basket pics up tomorrow! i really have no idea why it takes so long for pics to upload from this new camera! so annoying!

  3. Its all good! It will make the rest of the week at work more entertaining to keep checking!

  4. It is so weird seeing him around people!! He is such a trooper though. Looks like he charmed the crowd!

  5. HoW fun!!! So glad he got to meet his cousins finally. Looks like everyone had a great time.