Monday, November 30, 2009

christmas decorating

we got a christmas tree today! it was actually something we could do with devin in semi-public. since the place is outside (obviously) we brought him withus to pick out the tree. i carried him in the baby ktan and it was really enjoyable until we realized what the place was charging for regular old medium sized christmas trees... $75-$90!!!!!!! we ended up going to the not so festive grocery store and getting one for $32 instead. we did get a really bright not so good picture of devin's first christmas tree hunt (from the first place).

we ended up decorating a bunch inside and we finished most of the tree tonight. devin really like the lights. its fun to have a kid and feel like its actually necessary to decorate for christmas. we usually go up to new york for a couple weeks during christmas so we're never even here to enjoy anything we would have done in the past so we never had a tree or anything. so thats pretty cool.

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