Friday, November 27, 2009

good morning smiles :)

for the last couple days devin has been smiling much more. its so cool that hes a happy baby ! its really hard watching your baby exist before hes supposed to. while he was in the nicu i felt so horribly guilty because he was obviously uncomfortable no matter what we did for him. he was still supposed to be in my belly. i just wanted some reassurance that he was (at least) some day going to be happy. preemies are very twitchy because their nervous systems are very immature and it really freaked me out. he used to sometimes look like he was smiling but it was actually him twitching and it was really depressing for me. my mom or the nurses would say "oh look hes smiling!" and i was never able to squeeze any real happiness out of that. it was cute to catch him doing it in a picture but it was hard for me at the same time.
i think i finally sighed a huge sigh of relief the day we saw him smile for real! it was like this whole ridiculously scary situation had finally come to an end and i couldnt have been more happy! his smiles started out slow, maybe 1 or 2 a day for a week or so. but now hes smiling so much! when i go to pick him up in the morning he smiles this huge goofy, gummy grin and its too funny! hes also started smiling while hes eating. he'll be drinking from the bottle and i look down and hes just smiling away (even though he should be eating!) he giggles and smiles like crazy when he gets bored of his milk. its so cute.

he has also statred laughing and giggling a little and that is just so funny! of course fabian got him to laugh for the first time. i was jealous but it was so funny. he was giving him a diaper change and making that fart noise on his belly and devin just bursted out laughing! it sounds so goofy. i hope he keeps the same laugh forever because its going to be awsome to make fun of him about it for years to come!

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  1. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! We have that swing too and Isaac loves it!