Friday, August 27, 2010

having fun at home

devin is sick for the second time :( he has diarrhea this time and its pretty miserable... for me anyway! he seems to be in great spirits but im stressed and worried. we have'nt brought him to the dr. yet because hes happy and eating and staying very well hydrated but the last 48 hours have been icky and stressful for me. in case it s contagious i've been keeping him indoors because i just cant stand it when i see sick kids out at gymboree or some other baby/child oriented function! its so selfish of those parents to not only bring a sick child out when they should be resting, but also to expose so many other kids to the illness!!!! so we're on lock down again but devin has found a few ways to stay entertained...

yesterday, this teething biscuit was his best friend. he was carrying it around in his mouth like a dog! he would bang it on the windowsill, on his toys, then stick it back in his mouth...

you cant really see it but he still has the biscuit while taking a little snuggle break on the boppy.

another great way to stay busy is to get into trouble. something devin is becoming quite good at! yesterday he somehow managed to scrape under his nose with something sharp, im still not sure what even though i keep a constant eye on him. he also insisted on pulling up on his air purifier in his room and ended up pulling it down, falling with it and having it land on top of him! he cried for a minute and seemed just fine after but i was a mess! he has a little red mark in between his eyes from that little adventure.

i went to an awesome consignment sale last night that started at 6pm and went to 9pm. i thought that was cool because it was the first day and it was'nt early in the morning like they usually are. so i went and there was actually a bunch of good stuff still available. there were also a ton of people but i made out pretty good. i got 2 new big toys for devin and 2 outfits for $16. he loves that little chair almost as much as he loves his play house! our living room is closing in on us and brightly colored plastic is our new "style" but its so fun to watch devin explore and learn from these ridiculous toys! they're so much better now than they were when we were little!

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