Friday, July 2, 2010

how much wood could a wood devin devin?

devin has 3.5 teeth now! his two middle bottom teeth, half of one to the side of those and one top front tooth. he has been biting everything including us! it feels like a hamster bite and a hamster bite feels like shit! its a sharp quick pain that gives you chills it hurts so bad! this is what our sweet, handsome little "preemie" is doing! he is also going to work on everything wooden that we have in the house. he was trying to bite the wall today! and he head butted it about 8 times because it would'nt give up its impossibly flat surface to his hamster mouth! this is what a few of our belongings look like now...

this is the bottom of his high chair and part of our stool.

he wiggled his way out of the buckled napnanny and into the fun side of his crib to play with his stuffed animals...

and then went to town on his beautiful crib :(

this is what it looked like after one picture's worth of time had passed!

i got him some gymboree bubbles yesterday after his class and i really want to recommend these for other parents. they are awesome and babies are just mesmerized by them! they are also super fun for me! you blow them out of this little thing that looks like a kazoo and they're really tiny and float all over. devin loves them, i sing the song the teacher sings when she blows them in kids faces. she literally blows them in the babies faces and they love it! its the only way ive been able to change devin's diaper without him squirming away in the last 2 weeks.

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